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Is he a cheater?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

The Son of an Eating Biscuit Bulldog

The wife walks into the cheating husband's office, with a box of his personal belongings, sees him with the secretary and calls him a "Son of an Eating Biscuit Bulldog."

The husband replies with "What the french toast?!?"

She replies by saying, "I foun d out about your little dudu head cudie queen"

The secretary replies, "Who are you calling a cudie queen? You lint licker!"

The wife responds, while starting to approach the secretary "Pickle you, comequad!"

The cheating husband joins in the conversation and replies, "You are over reacting.."

The wife immediately states, "No Bill, I will be over reacting when I put your convertible in a wod chipper! Stinky, McStink Face!" and throws the box of the husbands belongings on the ground. The box is full of parts from his convertible.

She then tries to attack the secretary and the husband holds her back.

A beautiful spokes woman  is seen and says, "Fabulous! New Orbit Raspberry Mint cleans another dirty mouth!" and continues, "For a good,clean feeling no matter what!"