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Is my spouse cheating?

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Building Trust

Do you want to get your ex back? Before embarking on that quest, you have to list down the pros and cons of getting back your ex. Do you think that it is worth the trouble? Are you sure that you didn’t burn that bridge when you guys broke up? More importantly, are you sure that you want to head back to that direction?

These are simple things that you have to ask yourself first before planning to get your ex back. Do you want to know why is it going to be a hard journey? It can all be summed up through one word: trust. Trust issues are always the huge factor in any relationship for it can make or break it. Now, getting an ex back, means that you have to rebuild back that trust again. Now, are you ready for that? Here are some basic tips on how to get your ex back:

1. Test the Waters – Arrange for a coffee or talk to your ex directly. Nothing beats opening up the door and testing to see if there is still something that can be salvaged. This way, you will be able to gauge if you might still have a chance to get back with each other. If not, then, you will have to trek a longer road which is to befriend an ex again and win back trust that was lost. Remember to always start the conversation with a nice tone and do not circle or let an ex remember about the past. Bringing out the past is always a bad topic starter or a conversation.

2. Take your Time – Winning back an ex isn’t a shotgun thing. If you want to get your ex back, you will have to resort to a much gentler approach. Take your time in studying about the changes that happened to one another after breaking up before and see where you can start again and improve on. People keep saying that the second time around is your last ticket, so you have to make it work for the better this time, or else, an opportunity like this will be lost forever. 

3. Communicate more Effectively – The good part about getting back together again is the thought that both parties would be much more effective in communicating this time as both sides already know the character of each other and from here on, be able to build something in order to strengthen the foundation. This way, communication lines are much clearer as there would be no more miscommunication or misinterpretation like the last time.