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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Get Your Ex Back NOW

Congratulations! You just made the first step in getting your ex-boyfriend or ex girlfriend back. It is good that you have come to the point of researching on what to do and what not to do to patch things up with your ex. Just by being ready to fight and getting yourself together means that you are on the winning track! You are saving yourself from the Desperate Exes Hall of Shame! So now, let’s move on to the fight.

It is important that you make a list of things your ex didn’t like about you. From that out of the century dress you love to wear since prom night to those pumps that make him look small when you put on, from your inedible cooking to forgetting his daily supply of yogurt every time you do the grocery. This way, you can assess what needs to be changed on your part. Stop looking for his negative traits to make you feel better about yourself. You are the one wanting to get your ex back so you should start the polishing.

Immediately after that, get a makeover! Visit your stylist and ask to him resurrect your hair from the dead. You believed that your ex loved you so much that you didn’t care that you have split-ends! That’s a sin, ladies and gentlemen.  There’s no excuse for turning yourself from the princess he fell in love with to the peasant he later ended up with. Make yourself even more desirable than the first time you met and you will be sure to get your ex back. Pamper yourself with an expensive manicure and pedicure. Purge your closet from last season’s clothes and accessories. Shop for fashionable outfits to get your ex back. You would greatly appreciate how retail therapy can also boost your self-esteem after that embarrassing I’d –do-anything-you-want-just-don’t-leave-me scene at your door while you were tightly hanging onto his legs.

Stalking is a big NO-NO! Remember, the plan is to get your ex back not to make him confirm he made the right decision by leaving you. He needs space from the relationship so give it to him. Don’t call him twice as much as you did when you were together. Stop forwarding love quotes to his email. The last thing you want to be is annoying. A simple greeting will do. Not every minute but once a week maybe just to satisfy your communication itch.

Once you have created a better you, it’s time for the next step in your campaign to get your ex back.  It’s time to be seen! It’s a friend’s birthday and you are both invited. Who will come? Who will not? Who looks better? Who lost who? Social gatherings are the best time to show that you have changed for the better. While most exes avoid each other, be delighted to see him. Greet him with a genuine smile and compliment on something, perhaps a new haircut. He may feel awkward, your friends might feel the same but you shouldn’t. Be the epitome of confidence and poise. Again, no stalking! Let him see that you are just fine, that you are so fine that he made a mistake of leaving you.

And finally, don’t get the impression that you need to totally change against your will and beliefs to get your ex back. Be yourself only better! If he still doesn’t notice and appreciate your effort, that’s ok. You’d be too good for him by that time anyway.