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How to Get Your Lesbian Ex Back

A relationship is a fragile bond between two persons entwined in deep mutual affection but it does not guarantee exclusive happy days.  There are times when a relationship goes through undesirable situations.  Occasionally, feelings turn sour especially when either of the parties get bored.  Since most lesbian relationships are not legal in the sense of being married, staying in the relationship is entirely voluntary.  It is therefore a constant battle for a lesbian couple to resolve conflicts and preserve their bond. It is an everyday effort to keep that spark and not let it fade out amidst tough times.

Just like any other relationship, some things are out of your control.  It can be devastating if you have been the reason of breaking that fragile bond after a serious fight that caused the break up to emerge.  Out of panic, you may be desperately wanting to get your ex back.

Before anything is initiated, reflect on what just happened.  Think over that very day you had a serious argument and understand how you behaved during the conflict.  Recall whether you have been irrational or plainly selfish and refused to listen to your partner’s explanation, perhaps over an issue that you got so jealous or she got so angry about.  If you are convinced that your relationship needs to be saved, you need to think of a good approach to get your ex back.  

Of course, it is not easy dealing with the emotional baggage but you don’t have to act needy.  Make way for a surprising approach by simply making her realize that you are that one special person your ex girlfriend has loved for a long time.  However, it doesn’t help to show how pathetic you have become after the break up.  Yes, getting over your emotions can be very difficult but you need to act counter to how you feel if you want to get your ex back. 

If you act like you are some detective or stalker and constantly follow her around, then that will just make her feel sorry for you.  Sending her numerous emails, text messages or frantically calling her and asking about her whereabouts will naturally keep her at bay.  Such needy and clingy behaviour you are displaying certainly won’t help you to get your ex back.  It takes patience to win your lesbian ex’s heart and make her fall for you all over again.

The best thing you can do to get your ex back is to be strong.  This seems ironic but it actually worked for many relationships.  Be distant and don’t communicate excessively.  Go out with your circle of friends and have fun.  Give space for you and your lesbian ex to realize what needs to be realized. When she sees how you are coping well by yourself, she may actually miss you and consider making the first move to win you back, reconcile and mend what was broken.