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Winning the Game of Getting Your Ex Back

Getting your ex back is like a game. The most important thing is creating an effective plan of action and applying it. When creating a plan make sure to do things that attract your ex and avoid the things that drove your ex away from you.  Assess yourself, your ex and your relationship. Figure out of the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship.  Find out what lead to the break up and find a reason to get back together. Be the same person he fell in love with. Consider this as your last chance and be careful not to ruin it.

Experts agree that you do not have to overdo things to get your ex back.  Be simple, sincere and positive.  Do not come on too strong like flirting too much or being too aggressive. A simple smile, “hi” or “hello” will do at first.

Sincerity is very important and in most cases it will show if you really want to get your ex back. Invite him to talk to you and express your feelings. Discuss what went wrong in your relationship. Be open to feedback and accept your ex’s perspective.  Let him know you miss him and that you have been thinking about him. Use your shared past and good memories to your advantage. Subtly bring up favorite memories.  This way, you will be showing that you cherish each moment spent with him.  If you are lucky, this will make him feel good about seeing you again.

Staying in touch with your ex can also be a good move. Any form of communication will do. It does not mean calling or texting him all the time.  Do not push him away further from you by turning into a stalker.  Give him time on his own, enough space to breathe, and maybe time to miss you.   

Be positive about your ability to get your ex back.  Do not mope or sulk.  Remember that your situation is far from hopeless.  Be patient.  Give it all the time it needs.  They say that everything comes to those who wait.  Play your role well and win the game of getting your ex back.  Your perseverance and consistency will determine how committed you are to win this game to get your ex back. Find the perfect strategy based on you personalities and the nature of your relationship.  Do not be too serious if you never were.  Do not try to be too aggressive if that is not you.  The main thing is to stay or revert back into the person your ex fell in love with.  Work at reading through different relationship websites.  There are a lot of tips you can get.  It will be to your advantage to explore and come up with a game plan on how to get your ex back in your own unique way.