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Basics Tools for Long Distance Relationships

Having a hard time connecting with your partner or is this your first time in a long distance relationship? Well, you are not alone. Long distance relationships are indeed the ultimate test in terms of relationships. The key to success in long distance relationships is about learning to communicate effectively through online or offline means.

So, here are some basic tips for first timers on learning to communicate through long distances:

1. Setup an Instant Messenger Account – The most basic and the most used software to communicate with your partner online is through instant messengers. Instant messengers nowadays are jam packed with add-ons that anyone can now make calls, video calls, chat, or send files through almost any instant messenger. So decide as a couple which instant messengers you both should use. For more information as to which one is the best, you can always search online.

2. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) – With more and more VOIP peripherals out in the market, the prices in turn, also drops. You can purchase any VOIP box or software through your local electronic store. This is really handy especially if your partner is overseas and does not want to get charged high due to overseas call rates. If you are unsure, always ask your local electronic store to do a product demo and explain the product properly before you hook it up at home. Take note that there are new VOIP advances in the past few months so expect VOIP to be GSM based that would be able to tap in through existing VOIP networks on your mobile phone. For more information about all the VOIP products available on the market, you can always search online.

3. E-mail – The simplest and cheapest form of communication online is still through e-mail. You can catch up with almost anything here as it can also act like a voicemail but text based. Not only will you learn to communicate properly through e-mail, your writing skills will also improve in the long run. 4. SMS / MMS – If your partner is always mobile, the best tool to use is still via mobile phone. But if you want a cheaper alternative, then an SMS / MMS will do as long as your partner gets the message while your partner is on the move.

Always remember that learning to communicate is a two sided street. Both parties should agree beforehand to communicate regularly in order to keep communication lines open. Time and patience is also needed as learning to communicate on long distances at first would take a while to get used to.