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Communicating in a Relationship

Learning to communicate in a relationship simply means that both sides are now open to investing more time to each other. This is of course, a good sign of maturity and foresight. But learning to communicate is not just about talking to each other. It is more about learning mutual understanding to be open to compromise or simply give way to each other. Here are some basic tips about learning to communicate:

1. Time Management – Always set aside time for each other no matter how busy both your schedules are. With a properly managed time schedule, priorities are more balanced and would bring about a more harmonious relationship as your partner will feel the sense of importance on how dedicated you are in this relationship.

2. Listen – Listening is a crucial skill one must learn properly in order to fully understand your partner no matter what the situation is. From this skill, one would be able to gauge the situation first before making any conclusions. The old saying ‘haste makes waste’ applies to this tip as one should be able to listen, assess and then suggest what would be the best course of action. With that being said, the relationship would turn for the best as your partner would indeed cherish the thought of having someone that would listen and they would feel safe around with.

3. Communicate – A simple ‘hello’ can brighten up a day so don’t forget to greet your partner whenever you can. Learning to communicate also means that you need to keep in touch with your partner about what are you thinking about or what are you looking forward to on a daily basis. This would show that you are into making the relationship work.

4. Transparency – Keeping your problems bottled up to yourself will definitely do you no good. It is always better to share your problem with your partner in order for them to know about what is keeping you busy or stressed out. Majority of miscommunications in a relationship are due to mixed signals as your partner might think that you do not trust them in terms of sharing your problems that they might help you solve.

Learning to communicate is always easy if you trust in yourself that you can do it. All one has to do is take the first step and admit that you need help. From here onwards, it would be smooth sailing as long as you stay positive and be open to suggestions.