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Conversation Starters

Pick up lines are usually conversation starters. These chat starters are intended to grab the attention of the opposite sex to engage in a conversation with you. Usually, these lines may be filled with romance, humor, or bits of seduction. These pick up lines often show how intelligent or witty you are in attempting to start an interaction. Lucky ones who use them successfully eventually ends up dating the other party and even move further into making the relationship exclusive. However, pick up lines are not for everyone, some unfortunate users of these witty lines may sometimes get bruised and even thrown out of a bar. These lines will work successfully if you know the right timing, the right line to use, and of course, the right person to approach. You would not want to utter these lines from the back of a hot lady who happens to be with her boyfriend, right?

Usually, pick up lines are may be used to state an opinion, to provide humor, and even just to sound confident. In stating an opinion, these lines are used to minimize seriousness and to add a fun side to a discussion. With these lines, you can easy communicate with other people without the awkardness brought by certain arguments. In addition to that, some guys use these pick up lines to provide humor. There are some women who notice men not because of their physique and good looks but also with their humor as well. Sometimes, making a girl smile may be the best way to make her like you as well. Lastly, some people use these chat up lines to show their confidence. On the other hand, other people may sound too cocky when they overdo it. However, this may be the best way to catch someone else’s attention.

One famous pick up line which has been proven effective, depending on how you deliver it and depending on to whom you say it to, is this “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” This line is a very witty line which engages attention immediately due to its humorous nature. The initial reaction of people to this line is usually a smile. And a smile is all you need to start an excellent chat. Another interesting line is this “The only think your eyes haven’t told me is your name”. This is another line which may produce a smile. So when you start hitting on people, you may want to look at the mirror and practice how to say these things first. It’s better safe than sorry.