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Pick Out Pick Up Lines That Suit You

Pick-up lines are those seemingly innocent words that guys will say to women in a pathetic, but seemingly cute attempt to start a conversation with them. They are quite cheesy even disgusting, but whether you like it or not, it is still a great way to start a conversation. There are some pick up lines that inevitably send women running to their friends. Others revel in their success and some are left with an awful taste in their mouth, consistently successful pick up lines are revered by all men.

Women abhor the idea of a single one liner as a step towards the goal of starting a conversation that will hopefully lead to a relationship. Despite this, they cannot resist the lure of a really good pick up line.  This is precisely the irony of pick-ups.  Women hate most of the users of pick up lines in bars but still fall for them most of the time. Let’s face it; it’s a competition out there, where in bars men outnumber women five to one.

This is precisely why you need to step up your game.  Despite their sleazy yet sometimes funny reputation, pick up lines do work.  They can come in a variety of forms; it can be creative, clever, or even smart. Let’s be real, this isn’t the age of jocks and soldiers anymore. It is the era of the geek.  These days, girls are so into smart guys. Pick up lines are only good to get a conversation started though.  Sustaining the conversation and the woman’s interest requires much more than a one-liner.

Having said that, some pick up lines do work at making a man sound clever enough to keep the ball rolling after first contact. While I do not claim to be a master pick-up artist, I have used great pick up lines myself to get women to consider me a possibility.  Choosing a pick up line should be something based on your personality, something you can deliver with confidence and with sincerity. 

Another basis for success is reading the girl’s personality.  Depending on the girl, one can be successful with a nerdy pick up line like, “I don’t have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?“ or a sleazy line like “Baby I’ll treat you like my homework – I’ll slam you on the table and do you all night long”. Indeed, pick up lines and their success rate varies on the people involved. So be creative, pick one that suits you and will suit the recipient.  After that, go out there and deliver your pick up line with so much confidence!