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Pick Up Lines and Young Love

For a guy, starting out a conversation with a girl he really likes can be difficult. It’s definitely hard to think of what to say first that will not turn her off and cause her not to talk with him anymore. That’s why they resort with pick up lines. While some can be effectively, funny and engaging, some others are just plain annoying and desperate sounding to girls.

Pick up lines is now most popular to teenagers, those who are starting to discover the beauty of romance. While pick up lines are supposed to just be an introduction, some relationships gets based on it. Good thing if as the time passes the young lovers get to mature through their relationships.  By then one innocent pick up line can lead to something beautiful and worthwhile.

What relationship experts however are trying to go against is when a young girl totally falls for the guy because of one stupid line. A relationship coming from this is expectedly immature and shallow and can lead to some devastating emotional effects to both the girl and the boy.

Since a pick up line is often addressed to a girl, it is best that she be guided accordingly on how to react and deal with a guy when he walks in all manly and say something like: “Hey beautiful was it far, heaven and earth I mean, you came from there?” Of course it’s fine to feel flattered for some time but you should be able to think fast soon. If you feel that the guy is nice enough, you can listen to what he has to say but never agree to a relationship just hours after you have met.

The problem with young people today, experts say, is that they are often too much in a hurry with everything they do such that they regret about it later on in their lives. In starting with a relationship for example, they think that one pick up line is enough to summarize everything that the other feels for him.

There is nothing wrong with going for a pick up line and giving a guy the chance to get to know you better. What is best however is for the pick up line to lead to some serious relationship because you gave each other enough time to adjust with each other’s personalities. You see, one simple pick up line can blossom into a worthwhile romance if you let it.