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Pick Up Lines and their Uses

‘If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together’. Sounds familiar, right?

In the contemporary era, one way of making ladies smile is through the use of pick up lines. It is said that pick up lines are used to open conversations for new acquaintances and is also used for certain purposes such as to either humor or to elevate romance. It originated by just saying “Hi” and in 1960s, was categorized as a dirty joke (e.g. Nice shoes, let’s fuck) used for invitations of sexual activities, but as early as 2005, it is used by bachelors for winning the hearts of fine young ladies.

According to a sociologist, Mark J. Taylor, pick up lines are really helpful in eradicating intimidation in a conversation but require the deliverer to enunciate pick up lines effectively. The key in articulating these lines should always require a smile on the face of the deliverer and must be presented in a playful manner, never in a serious manner and without a glint of smirk. Mr. Taylor also emphasized that it will make a lady comfortable with you and when they start laughing and smiling, there will be an easy way for the couple to have a normal conversation.

Creating pick up lines nowadays is such a challenge. Accounting for over a thousand of pick up lines, only half are colloquially used and only a small percentage of those are appreciated by females. They are are so popular that there are websites for their production and even online contests on making up new ones.

With all the known uses of these famous pick up lines, there are also disadvantages to using them. Some may find them funny, humorous and even attractive but some might find them stupid and offensive.  Some people deplore pick up lines and a famous dating coach even forbids their use.  They say that pick up lines reinforce the pressure to be deceptive during dating and that using them sets a foundation of lies for any relationship that follow.

But pick up lines can be great fun and as long as you do not take them too seriously, then there is no harm in them.  In fact, great pick up lines can be very effective in starting a conversation.  Even silly ones are at least good for a smile, and getting a smile on a first meeting which is not a bad thing at all.