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Is he cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Pick You Up

Picture this: You are sitting alone in your favorite coffee shop with cappuccino in your table and a good book in your hand. A man in leather jacket and dirty denims then walks through the door, winks at you, walks closer and says: “Hey baby, did you just come out of the oven? Because you’re hot!” 

Caught in this situation what would you do? Will you think of something smart to say back, invite him to your table and spend some time getting to know the guy or will you just grab your cappuccino and walk out of the shop?  So many ladies are caught up in this predicament more than once in their lives. The question always boils down on whether or not you will fall for the trap.

Pick up lines can be difficult to deal with. Sometimes it is just so subtle or tricky that whatever you say can put you in a disadvantaged position. In truth, there are no hard and fast rules about dealing with a pick up line.  While some of the guys would sound annoying and obnoxious with their lines, it’s a fact that so many relationships has begun from there and is still now together happily.

This given, it will be hard to totally turn your back from pick up lines. We say that you deal with it depending on your mood and well, woman instincts. If you’re feeling a little playful and light you can throw back something smart and then see what happens. If the conversation goes well then you’ll know that the guy is worth something more than his cheesy lines. As you talk with the guy, it is of course also important to see if he is harmless or just in for some fun that can go dirty. It is best not to go out with him to any other place yet just to be sure. Better wait for him to ask for your number and from there see what’s next for you two in the coming days.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel comfortable with pick up lines and guys who go strutting with it, your choice is to say so politely. Don’t panic and let the guy feel that you are affected with what he said. Be sure not just not be silent about it because some guys can take it differently. If the guy is persistent, it will be best just to leave the place and find another.