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Picking a Pickup Line That Works

Women have this love hate relationship with pick up lines. In some occasions, women unconsciously fall for it depending on how a stranger executes the phrase and follows it through. Ancient pick up lines still work for some but how come not for you? Maybe you should try to assess your personality first before you throw your net or you’ll end up catching nothing.

Using common phrases like “Do you believe in love at first sight?” or “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” or “Can I take your picture? So I can tell Santa what I want for Christmas” may still work if you are a humorous person and of course if that lady you’ve been eyeing is looking for a funny guy. Everybody just loves humor right?  Just make sure you are genuinely spontaneous and have prior successes on getting a laugh.  It will not be good to hear a “duh” from you after your third sentence.

Straightforward statements are the best bet if you are the what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of guy. In fact, a simple “Hi” is what most women want to hear. Pick up lines as simple as that can lead to a sensible conversation and somehow develop into an enjoyable conversation during the night. Men who are straight to the point exude responsibility, another trait the female species are looking for. Of course, try to spice the conversation a little bit. Flatter her once in a while. You don’t want to end up in the boring side.

“Have you heard about how the stock market has… blah... blah and blah” Well, we cannot blame you for being so intellectual. But if you can add a pinch of flirt on that, then you might get some. We know you have a lot of information to share so maybe you can start downloading fun and interesting to your database.

The shy ones love to stare. Their common pick up lines fall on the straightforward category like, obviously, “hi”. But don’t do the stare-speak-stare-speak routine. You’re not a psycho, are you? If you are this type, it is time to practice your public speaking skills. But don’t go overboard compromising your good nature. Most shy guys who develop their mastery of pick up lines may become boastful and pretentious. So keep it simple with a little bit of confidence.

Be in the know, that the success of pick up lines you use depends on how you say it and how you handle the response of the other person may it be positive or negative. Some strangers have used the worst pick up lines but their confidence and personality rewarded them with a second date. Some have used the best phrases with an attitude but ended up being the most boring man in the room. Avoid coming off as too desperate by obviously like keeping a list of lines to say in your pocket. To start a conversation requires confidence. Just be yourself and have fun.