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Redefining Pick up Lines

“If you were a burger at McDonalds, you’d be called McGorgeous.”

This pick up line might actually work if either: the girl likes you too or by some cosmic changes in the universe, the girl finds this line ridiculously charming and decides to give you her digits.

Using pick up lines to get a woman’s attention, her name or phone number might imply that you are intellectually incapacitated or that you lack some charm that is why using pick up lines comes off easily as a form of rescue.

Some women would find it endearing and flattering, since throwing her a line or two indicates that you are interested in her, it is much rather encouraged to focus on getting to know her.

That is why a “friendly” introductory might work best in getting to know someone. Using these introductory pick up lines will not only give you a shot at the girl you are eyeing on but it would also spare you some self pride and protect your ego if she happens to be not interested in dating, in romance, and the likes.

Listed below are some effective pick up lines that you could use without losing face.

• “Excuse me, is this seat taken?” It’s casual, simple, and polite. Since you are a stranger at this point, you might want to give off and impression that you have manners. A girl or any person in general would be completely unimpressed with arrogance. This line would give any man a good starting point. From this line on, you could create a conversation since you are seated near her.

• “Do you come here often? I hope you could give an opinion about…” If you are currently in a bar, a restaurant or a store, this line could perfectly mesh with the situation. If she happens to be an avid customer, then you are in great luck. If not, well both of you can figure it out by asking her an opinion of what might be best to eat, to drink or to by.

• “Would you like an escort to your…” If you happen to see her walking alone or going to an elevator or finding her way somewhere it will always be polite and to offer some assistance. This is part in acknowledging that she is a lady and that you, being a man is there to give credit to it. Once she is settled, if she is gracious she would thank you and that would be your point to start a conversation with her.

Again, the above mentioned are just some basic examples of pick up lines. There are a lot of other pick up lines on the internet, so search for more if you are interested. Hope that this article gave you some basic inclination of what would be the right pick up line for any occasion.