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Using Pick up Lines

They say that in a relationship, one of the most difficult phases is the introduction of one to the other. Sometimes, a lady appears to be too intimidating or solitary such that breaking in and taking some time to introduce one’s self and start a worthy conversation. This is where pick up lines come in. A pick up line is a catching and engaging statement that is thrown to draw interest on the part of the girl. These lines can go funny, smart, flirty and sexy. The thing is that they really work when delivered on the right time, the right place and the right mood. In fact many good and blossoming relationships can trace the love story back from just one sensible line in the middle of a bar or a coffee shop.

There are no established rules in the use of pick up lines. What is only important is for a guy to be sensitive about the circumstances. Before trying anything, it is important to assess the type of girl that you will be dealing with. If she is the serious type, it is best to start with something witty. Avoid flirty lines here because instead of interest and attention what you might get is a slap in the face. Something sweet (even corny) can also work with this type of girl. You also don’t want to be overeager, because she might could this even with you still coming from afar.

Things are a little different if you sense that the lady is a little outgoing and adventurous. Here you may try a little flirty and sexy pick up lines and see what from happens from there. However, you should always have a backup plan in case the result is different from what you are expecting. If you are lucky to be invited in by the girl, next thing you should do is making most of the time that is given you. Be sure to get her numbers so you can invite her again for another get to know each other date.

When all is already going well with you and you have ended up in a relationship, the pick up line you used will all seem absurd and funny. Still, thanks to that, you were given the chance to let your girl know that you are one guy that has zest for things. Even flatter her more by saying that you used the pick up line even if you know it is stupid because you want her that much.