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Can You Turn a Friend Into a Lover

When a woman first meets a man, the initial few minutes of her interaction with him are crucial and will determine the type of relationship that will ensue from then on. In simple terms: She will make all of her most important judgments about you within 3-5 minutes of meeting you.

During this ever-important window of time the woman will "appraise" your value, and then upon determining how much potential you have she will then decide if she wants to even continue to have any form of relationship with you at all. Once this is done, she will then place you into one of two categories within her mind to govern the type of relationship that she feels you to be worthy of: potential lover or potential friend.

Once a woman has made her decision and has placed you into one of these two categories, you will forever be stuck there for as long as you know her. For example, if she considers you as a lover and you begin having a sexual relationship with her and then break up, there will be no "Let's just be friends now". This would simply not work because the physical attraction is too strong and the awkwardness of the situation would prevent any real friendship for occurring. On the other hand, she could consider you as a friend and you would begin to "hang out" with her, all the while hoping that something will magically happen and she will become gradually attracted to you. You would be nice to her, buy her gifts, let her cry on your shoulder when her asshole boyfriend cheats on her, go shopping with her and always be on call to drive her wherever she pleases. However, all of this effort would be in vain because she had already categorized you when you first met her, and you are forever locked into the "Friend's Zone".

What you are reading right now is the brutal honest truth, and even though you may be in this type of situation right now with a woman and are hanging on to any last hope that you may have, deep down you should be able to see the real truth if you think about it logically. It's as simple as this: If you have a crush on a woman that you are "just friends" with, you will never have a chance to become her lover. Your one and only shot a having an intimate relationship with a woman is within the first few minutes of meeting her, if you do not make the right impression at that time then her legs will be forever closed to you.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is just the way that it is. The only thing to do once you're in the friend's zone is to forget about that girl and move on to the next one, doing this will save you loads of heartache, money and time. Theoretically, with a huge amount of effort you could possibly convince the woman to date you, but without the strong initial attraction that relationship with her will be doomed to fail rather quickly and all of the work you've done will be in vain.

In Hollywood "chick flicks", the nice guy who is best friends with the beautiful woman typically either out-smarts the "bad guy" or just gets lucky and ultimately ends up with the woman on his arm. After that, they go on to live happily ever after and blah blah, bullshit. In the real world, the nice guy will usually tip off the beautiful woman and she will realize how much of a jerk the bad guy is and dump him, but then just go out and meet another bad boy and begin dating him while the nice guy is still just her friend. Have you ever thought about why women love those chick flicks so much? It's because they are all fairy tales and have a plot that would never happen in reality, if those movies were like real life then they wouldn't be nearly as interesting. It's like the equivalent of what action flicks are to us men, even though James Bond can drive a Porsche through an exploding building, ramp it off of the roof, shoot down a helicopter with a single shot while he is in mid-air and then land on another rooftop without even getting a single scratch on his high-end vehicle... doesn't mean that it could ever actually happen. It's the impossible that we are drawn to.

With that said, let's get back on track:

If you have just met a new woman and your actual intentions are to have a sexual relationship with her, you MUST immediately let her know that is what you want from her. You need to have an "all or nothing" attitude when first gaming a woman, and express this in everything that you say and do. Within the first few minutes of meeting her, if you can get the message across to her that you want to be her lover and not her friend, you will easily be able to avoid ever being dropped into the friend's zone. You can accomplish this simply by flirting properly, which includes teasing, kino, negs, push & pull, smiling seductively and a wide array of other techniques and methods. Be fun and carefree, act as if you're not looking for anything serious and just want to have a good time. Also, never let her dominate you in any way, do not buy her drinks or hold/watch her purse for her.

When you follow the guidelines listed above, you will successfully be able to prevent yourself from becoming "just a friend" and will begin to have sexual relationships with women rather than normal friendships.

Always remember:

The only way to get out of the friend's zone is to avoid ever going there in the first place!

Source:  Become a Player