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How Cologne Can Affect Your Love Life

Cologne Rotation

Always have a few different colognes, I recommend at least 2-3 which you rotate often. You will become more attractive to women that you are around on a regular basis because they will not be able to predict what you will be smelling like. Predictable is boring, and most women think that their own lives are boring... so in turn they search for a mate who does NOT appear to be living a boring life in order to add some spice to their own. When you smell different just about each day, you will be displaying that you are a spontaneous person... as well as a person with style, and with the right choice of cologne... a person with class as well. This is exactly what ANY real player should want the ladies to think of them.

Cologne & Pheromones

Never apply cologne to your clothes, the smell will fade away in less than a few hours, plus your clothing does not contain natural pheromones like your body does... so spraying your shirt would not be produce the full effect of the cologne. When you spray cologne on your body in the right spots, pheromones mix together with the cologne to "create" an original smell... YOUR original smell. If you have ever wondered why the same brand of cologne smells different depending on who is wearing it, now you know... it is because each person's body produces slightly different pheromones, and when mixed with cologne produces their own unique "version" of the cologne. For more information on boosting your body's natural pheromone production... Click Here.

The "Hot" Spots

The best spots to apply cologne are the areas of your body that produce the most body heat. Body heat "activates" the cologne, increasing the strength of the smell and making it last as long as possible... while colder areas of your body tend to dull the smell and make it disappear more rapidly. To achieve maximum results when wearing cologne, apply it to the following body parts : Wrists, neck, arm pits, and behind the ears. When using a cologne spray, do NOT spray behind your ears, spray it onto your hands and wipe it on... the last thing you want is to smell like you took a bath in your cologne. Another added bonus of putting cologne behind your ears is the fact that when you are in a club with loud music girls tend to talk into your ear so you can hear them... and when they do they will get a nice gentle whiff of your scent.

Choosing The Right Cologne

When shopping for a new cologne, never go by what smells good... you don't want a cologne that JUST smells good... you want a cologne that will trigger good memories. When a woman smells a scent that triggers an old, happy memory... she becomes instantly attracted to whatever is producing the scent... and you want that to be YOU, right? Sure you do, so keep that in mind when choosing a new cologne. The trick to selecting a cologne that does this effectively is to test them on yourself... if it triggers any type of good memory in your mind, then it should have a similar effect on most of the women that you try to pick up. To make your life a bit easier I have compiled a list of cologne at the bottom of this page that are the absolute BEST at doing this... so you don't even need to go "smell testing" :) This is not a required step, and you can't really expect to find a cologne that will trigger every woman's good memories... but selecting a cologne with ingredients that make people reflect on the "good ol' days" when smelled is always a nice bonus, it's like having a "press here to put her in a good mood" button :)

Cheap VS Expensive

Don't be fooled by brands like Calvin Klien, Curve and Polo Sport. If you wear any of these "regular brands" you will not be ANY better than the last guy who decided that a decent cologne was not worth the investment, plus most of the cheaper brands smell pretty bad... the last thing you want to do is turn women off simply because your cologne gave them a headache! Now you might automatically say "I can't afford that!" when you hear a name like Armani or Versace... but I can assure you that their cologne is quite cheap compared to most of their other products, and spending $30-40 on a REALLY good bottle of cologne instead of wasting $20 on a cheap bottle is definitely worth it when people constantly tell you how good you smell!