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Is she cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

How to Pick Up a Man

5 easy Steps to follow to pick up the man of your dreams:

  1. Meet him in a bar. This always works better in bars because alcohol is involved. Make eye contact, smile and look away. Men love a shy woman; at first.
  2. Tell him something unusual about yourself or your past. Something that will make him laugh. This puts him at ease and makes him feel better about you. It proves you are funny and unique.
  3. Listen. No matter how boring the story, just listen. Laugh and ask questions. By this time, he will be buying your drinks for you. It's okay to lightly touch his hand or knee.
  4. Say you have to leave, early meeting, whatever. He will ask for your telephone number, but politely say "I will see you here again on (whatever day), definitely"
  5. Show up on that day, looking fantastic. He will be jazzed to see you. His friends will be ignored, as will pool, darts, etc..all of his attention will be on you.



***This works a lot better if the guy is a regular at the bar in questions. So don't opt for the noisy nightclub. Try the swank lounge or the corner tavern. ***

This will make him want to be your boyfriend. If you are just fooling around for fun, don't try this technique. Or at least let them know that you don't want anything serious. Not doing this will cause you grief to no end.
Trust me!