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Is he a cheater?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Pick Up Any Woman by Guessing Her Sign

I am about to take the most cliché and almost laughable pick-up line of all time, “What’s your sign?” and turn it into the best weapon you and a friend can use to start a conversation with a group of women. Have your friend approach a group of women and say in a cheesy voice, “Hey baby, what’s your sign?” as if he’s mocking the overuse of that pickup line. Before she gets a chance to say anything… have him cut her off and say, “hang on – my friend has an amazing ability to tell people’s signs by asking them a few questions”. Then have him reach over and grab you as if the whole thing wasn’t planned. Have him say, “Hey bro – come over here and see if you can read this girls sign”. You come over and make sure you act as if this isn’t set up and that you didn’t know your friend was going to call you over.

Have your friend go on and brag about how you have this amazing sense about people (This is great because it’s your friend bragging about you – not you bragging about yourself – learn more about disguised bragging at
DatingWar.com). Tell the girl that you will ask her a series of questions that will let you know what sign she is. Make sure to say that you can’t always get it but that you can tell someone’s sign by the way she dresses, carries herself, by what career she’s chosen, etc. Now have your friend go over to her and ask her to whisper her sign in his ear. Let’s say her sign is Gemini. Have your friend look at you and say, “Go ahead”. Then you proceed to ask her some questions like:

What do you do for a living?
Do you believe in reincarnation?
Are you a creative thinker or more of a logical thinker?
Do you believe in love at first site?
What’s your favorite color?
What are the 3 most important characteristics you look for in a mate?
Do you believe in soul mates?

These questions aren’t actually revealing anything about her to you but if you seem to be genuinely asking, the girls will believe that you’re really reading her based on the questions. Then to her amazement, you reveal that her sign is in fact Gemini. The whole group is baffled that you figured it out and now think you have some kind of mystical intuition. Women love anything to do with feeling and passion and mysticism. They’ll think you are incredible.

How It’s Done

As soon as the girl tells your friend what sign she is, he says a short phrase that indicates to you what sign she is. The first letter of the phrase corresponds to the first letter in the sign name. For example: If she’s a Gemini, your friend will say to you, “Go ahead”. If she’s a Pisces, your friend will say, “Pick what sign she is”. For most signs, the first letter of the phrase you use is enough. For some you’ll have to go by the first few letters because several signs start with the same letter. For example: For Aries you’ll say, “Are you ready?” to your friend, while for Aquarius you’ll tell him, “Ask her some questions”. Just memorize this stuff with your friend before you go out and it’ll become simple. You can do this again with a few of the other girls in the group. Make sure that once your friend says the brief phrase, he stands somewhere behind you and out of the way so they don’t suspect signaling of some sort. After doing it with a few girls, they may find it suspect that they have to tell your friend each time before you start asking the questions so you should probably limit it to reading only 2 girls at a time.

Below is the chart of what to say for each sign:

Aries - Are you ready?
Taurus - Tell the lady her sign
Gemini - Go ahead
Cancer - Can you read her?
Leo - Let’s do this
Virgo - He’s Very good at this
Libra - Like I said – he’s great at this
Scorpio - Sooo – tell her her sign
Sagittarius - Say her sign
Capricorn - Cool – read her
Aquarius - Ask her some questions
Pisces - Pick what sign she is

You can learn more tricks like this at “Mind Control Her: Pick Up Women Using Mind Reading Techniques” which you can get at
MindControlHer.com. In this program you’ll learn lots of other “Mind Reading” tricks you can use to pick up women. I give you the exact openers, the entire dialogue and closing lines to get any woman.

Spencer Michaels’ programs come highly recommended. His course: The Art of War For Dating (which you can get at
DatingWar.com) teaches you the art of picking up and attracting beautiful women. There is nothing like it on the market. The stuff inside is priceless!

Source:  http://becomeaplayer.com/articles/guesshersign.htm