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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Cheating Games That People Play

Something about cheating makes it both exciting and guilt-inducing at the same time. However, that is only for the person who is doing deceptive things behind his or her partner’s back. The deceived person is made to look pitiful and stupid while the other one plays cheating games on him or her.

If you hate being made a fool by someone you like or love, watch out for the signs of a bonafide player.

  • She flirts with men even if you are around. It can be flattering for you when other men look at your girlfriend but when she flirts back, be alarmed. A woman who really loves you will ignore other men’s attention. She might blush or look proud when praised but she will always stay by your side.
  • She wears revealing clothes and doesn’t mind if guys see a piece of her. Women like to dress and look pretty for their lovers. However, if her actions seem off like smiling sweetly at a guy who looks at her breast, then she is definitely a player. She might already be playing some cheating games on the side.
  • She goes on a holiday vacation without you, but with some male friends. Sure, she can just be one of the boys, but if she really cares for you she will ask you to come along with them just because she wants to be with you on the trip.
  • She accuses you of having an affair and being into cheating games yourself.  This can indicate that she is feeling guilty and wants to turn the blame on you instead. She wanted to justify her actions by finding fault and randomly accusing you of dating or seeing another girl.
  • She suddenly doesn’t want you to come to her apartment without notice. It is a sign that she is keeping a secret from you. This is suspicious if you previously had unrestricted access to her apartment or could previously drop by unannounced. She might be playing cheating games with someone else.
  • She received a bouquet of flowers or gifts and you didn’t send them. She might have met someone when you’re not around and gave her number to that person. Whatever the case, if you did not send them then someone else did.
  • There are times that you can’t contact her because her mobile phone is off or she just won’t answer your calls. If she does, she speaks with overdone sweetness.  One or two instances of this are fine but if it’s becoming a pattern then it does sound like your girl is playing cheating games.
  • Your friends tell you that they saw her with somebody else. It could be just a friend but asking her who that person was is pointless. Instead, ask what she did on that day. Be careful not to look overly suspicious. 

Familiarize yourself with the above cheating games sign that she might be playing with you and protect yourself from possible heartaches and headaches in the future. Make sure that you are not spending your precious time with a player but with a loyal and faithful girl.