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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Cheating Games Women Play

In between relationships, it holds truth that men would most likely cheat than women. Society, media, and entertainment have mostly shown that men have gained the title as masters of these cheating games. Women are perceived as more loving, more honest and less likely to stray outside the relationship.


But currently, statistics show that there are an increasing number of females playing these cheating games. But why do they do it? Why do these women cheat?


  1. Women want revenge. – A lot of women play these cheating games after they have been hurt by their partners. Being cheated on is really painful. Crying and getting support from her circle of friends can only do so much.  Finding a hot new man is not easy. So these women opt for a dish that is best served cold.


  1. Women feel neglected. – Women want to be noticed. They want to be taken into account. They want to feel that you acknowledge her presence. If she feels that you are not giving her the kind of attention and security which she seeks, chances are she will look for it outside.


  1. Women get jealous. – If you are a man who has always been popular with the ladies, keep an eye on your partner. Chances are she might be nudging at one corner thinking of a plot to get back at you while these friendly ladies of yours swarm around. Again, if you do not give her a sense of assurance and security, she might play some games you would not like to get back at you.


  1. Women seek replacement. – She may have a hint that your relationship is taking some cool. Because of self pride, she might hunt for potential partners if ever your relationship with her ends. Shocking? It looks like women have adopted some of those cheating games which men play.


  1. Women are unhappy. – It is right that men and women are different. But they are alike when we talk about happiness. Who wants to be stuck in an unhappy relationship?


  1. Women are getting not enough fun in the bedroom. – Among men, sex is a vital part of a relationship. Men want it and they need it.  But when women are not getting any of it, not getting any of it at all, they may sense that something is up. They will feel that their partners don’t love them or doesn’t find them attractive anymore. If this happens, it’s a green light to find some comfort in another man’s arms.