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Is he cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Keep an Eye on the Players and Their Games

It’s hard to keep ourselves guarded against players and their games. You can never be sure about the guy or girl you’re going out with within the first few dates. Sometimes no matter what you do, you’re always going to end up on the short end of the stick. That’s why we need to be extra careful whenever we go out with someone and make sure they’re well worth the effort otherwise all we’re going to get are wasted time and wasted tears.

So how do we find out if the person we’re looking to get into a relationship with is worth it? The answer is quite plain and simple. All it takes is a little control and a lot of patience. In other words, it only takes the right mind set to keep these players and their games from ruining our lives. First off, you’re going to have to find time to get to know him before actually deciding whether you like him/her enough to go out with him/her. How is it done? Keeping conversations will allow you to get bits and pieces of information from the person which you can then use when making your decision. Even after that though, you shouldn’t completely put your faith or trust on that individual.

If you like the people enough to try and go out with him/her on a date then by all means do so. Under no circumstance does this mean that you should trust the person completely. Many people who actually fall prey to these players and their games do so on the first date. Now that you’re actually out on a date would be a good time to get a feel for each other with more personal conversations. You may also want to make some observations. Observing how a person eats, talks or handles himself in public will give you indications about what that person is really like. Besides, first dates are really for making good impressions so every guy or girl out there would want to be the best they can be and not really themselves.

The date’s over and it’s time to say goodnight. Make sure to keep it that way and set the boundaries for now. You’re going to have to process everything that you’ve observed and found out during the evening to see if the person is actually worth going out on a second date with or maybe even having a relationship with in the future. If you decide to go out with that person again, chances are you’re on the right track and are well equipped to deal with these players and their games.