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Is she cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Knowing the Player

Have you just recently found out that your significant other is cheating on you? More interestingly, cheating on you with not just one but with many other partners? Have you planned on exposing his dark side but are unfortunate in doing so? Been feeling him getting colder and colder as each day would pass? Well this is the perfect must read for you. Usually, with players and their games, the best thing to do is to make them have a taste of their own medicine.

First Move: Check the Cool-o-Meter.

If you have been with your partner for quite some time, it is very easy to feel that something is going wrong. Is he getting late with all his appointments with you which is very much contrary to what he has done before. Is he starting to forget about the important dates on your relationship, like your anniversary? Is he always busy and would always say that he is on a night out with his best buds? Is he having a hard time making plans with you? Well, if you said yes to these questions then you might be dealing with players and their games.

Second Move: Do not hate.

Investigate! Sometimes whenever we sense problems we tend to get angry immediately. The best thing to do is to investigate first before getting mad at your partner. False suspicions can actually destroy your relationship so instead of confronting your partner immediately, it is best to investigate on the real deal without abusing your significant other’s privacy. You may do this by checking out with his family and friends who are quite close to you and informally asking them as to what your lover has been up to for quite some time now. In doing so, you can create and maintain communication with people near him allowing you to either prove or disprove your claims. Players and their games are quite difficult to catch, but if you are vigilant enough, you can easily identify it.

Third Move: Confront then Dump.

Once you have gathered enough evidence to satisfy your claims on players and their games, then you are ready for the big confrontation. Always remember to maintain you posture and grace whenever confronting your partner. Instead of losing your cool, dump in a sense that you make them feel that they are losing a big deal by cheating on you. This confrontation may yield better results if you are on your most good looking self. Nothing beats revenge on your lover by looking hotter than ever.