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Player Feedback

We often get complaints from people who find themselves on PlayerBlock.com. Most of these complaints include lawsuit threats and demands for us to remove the postings. Below are some of the messages we have received.  

The good news is that the website is catching the attention of the people being reported. Perhaps they may think twice about their actions in the future. The bad news is that we have to deal with a lot of these complaints.



Hey Guys,

Wanted to bring your attention to a post about me. If you are allowing people to catch or air stuff about so called "players" then you should also let tje players defend themselves.

The posting is with the name ******** ******. Phone *** *** **** , says I met him online, he has a big cock, and liar. I don't mind the compliment. But we broke up because I won't say that I love her after 2 months of dating. I have already posted a comment there.

Please take this posting off as this is false and I happen to run a couple of important financial firms and business execs google each other. My cell is *** *** ****. If there needs to be any further clarification.

******** ********

Please remove my name ******** ******** from your website within 24 hours or me and my company will take this to our attorney

someone has listed me on this site and i want my name / information removed.  it is inaccurate.

please have it removed asap

I have been bashed improperly on your playerblock.com and would like it removed immediately.

Thank you ***** ******

attn: it as been bought to my attention that an unhappy sole has printed incorrect info on your site. And no I am asking this Paige person to remove it. It is your site and you are to remove this.. they talk about me being on 4 other sites when in fact I am not. I have not dated anyone for a long period of

time. therefore this person is incorrect about that.   please remove from your
site and from goggle   thank you 

My name is ******* ********. I have a problem with your website.
recently is was cyber stalked . My lawyers are going to be naming websites that are participating in Libel .
You site has posted things on things on your site with no proof what so ever. These things are considered very damaging to me on a personal and professional level  .
below is the Libelous link.
Remove this immediately or I will sue you for serious damages. once something is out on the world wide web. it is very hard to reverse the damages. Your site is actively damaging me. Your site is committing Libel .
I expect prompt actions on your sites behalf. 

Someone has posted information about me that is illegal, innacurate and sexually explicit.

 All three posts are by the same person pretending to be a different person.
Screennames used by the same person to discredit me:
 Please remove it or I will have my attorney contact you.  

 The post below has been posted about me.  I want it removed now.  Please let me know what steps I need to take to make this happen!  I do not want this information on your sight.  If it is a legal action I need to take I will. Please help.



 My name is ******* and what is reported is not true.

I ask your website to please remove this post as soon as possible.

 I am writing because a work colleague of mine informed me there were several damaging articles written about me.  To my shock, I logged on and found very inaccurate details from scorned ex-lovers. 
I would like all materials about myself (****** *******) taken off the website because of defamatory articles.  A few articles state that I am a criminal (false, I work in law enforcement for the federal government).  Secondly, they are spreading malicious rumors that I have a incurable genital sexual disease (false).  Very damaging and inaccurate information.  I want this material moved immediately or I will be on the course of filing multiple law suits to said individuals and the company that allows this misleading information.
What is the steps involved to have this information removed ASAP?
Thank You
******* ***********

 Hello Playerblock.com :

I totally respect the nature of your business and what exactly to try to achieve. I would highly appreciate and accept it if all these articles they(she personally  solomy x-wife) wrote about me were 0.000000001% close to truth.

I am willing to buy you an airplane ticket to come and meet me personaly and see how I leave to realize who I am.

I was studying to become priest but different circumstances changes my plans BUT I STILL BELIEVE ANDACT with God rules.I was married but since my wedding was not normal since my x-wife was bi pollar sick I had to divorce her.She told me personaly and I know in fact tha she rides fake reviews with different names in order to ruin my name and especially my business.She used to be an x-owner but after we divorced she is not any longer in the company and the way to take her blood back is to destroyed this company since she can not have me.

It's totally illegal that she tries through your website to write bad reviews against my company.My company has nothing to do with my personal life and it should be involved at all even me because all these are fake.

She made me a face book account which I never had create one my self.She was saying that i am gay like men and i am also player and so many other things and after I contact facebook they took it off and I will appreciate if you have a second to go to google and type ********** ******** ********.My website is www.*************.com
My ex wife for long time was doing nothing but writing nasty negative reviews at google against ********** ******** ******** and after I contacted google they took all of them away.
5 days ago she asked me for some help and I refuse to her because I want to stop any communication from her.She went to BBB and she created so many complains which is not even funny and tryied to connect the playerblock.com on my business account with google so people see these bad review.

As I am writting to you my eyes are so wet and burn me.Please call me at *** *** ****

I need your support because she is totally nuts.I am willing to pay you an air ticket to come to meet me personally and see how I leave.By the way my wife was the 2 lady in my entire leave that i dated.I NEVER HAD SO MANY LADIES

PLEASE call me at *** *** ****.....I do believe in personal communication because what goes around comes back around and not using lawyers....this is 100%% made up and fake against me and my business from a sick lady

THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT and please close this account right way against me

 I am a professional insurance salesman and a member of the ****** ****** chamber of commerce, I am not sure why I am on the website, I am betting my ex initially set me up on here, that is besides the fact that it depicts me as someone who uses drugs, which does not make me look favorably, and it is completely untrue, I emailed you about a year ago kindly asking you to remove my profile in which I received no response, please remove it or at least provide an address for your legal department where I can have my attorney send a letter, thank you so much.