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Is he a cheater?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Signs You Might Be Dealing with a Player

Women hate players, especially if she is on the look out for a serious lasting relationship. But chances are these players and their games are so good, you might be falling on their trap without knowing it. They will sweep you off your feet at first and leave you vulnerable in the end.

Just to be careful, there are subtle signs that can help you in finding out if he’s a Casanova in the making. If you happen to find three or more of these signs in your man, then you better run. To try and dig more about these players and their games, read more about the signs below.

  1. He’s text active and then silent. If he is always available for you at the beginning and then completely becomes unreachable for hours, even days, then chances are he might be busy, busy wooing other women. Yes, it might be true hat he is busy with work but a man who really wants you will find time for you. A single text message wouldn’t take an hour to compose right?


  1. He is VERY Romantic. – This is a common trait found among players and their games. Men know that women crave romance. Blame the fairytales that we read when we were little. But ongoing gestures like whisking you off a secluded place or candlelit dinners at the far side of town might be a hint that he is hiding you. Suggest a date at a public place; if he’s up for it then you might be wrong. If he declines then, think about if you would want to take a step further with him.


  1. He’s upfront. – Most men would find it uncomfortable talking about his feelings or his past relationships. That is how men are. But another cue that you might be dealing with these players and their games is if he acts too upfront. Declaring his unfading love for you after a week or telling you that you might be his soul mate is just too superficial.


  1. He makes you feel guilty. – If he tries to talk you into getting into bed with him then run as far as you can. You just found yourself there a player. A man who is serious with you wants a relationship, not a one night stand. He will respect you and would let you know that he is after your heart.


  1. His friends are indifferent. – When a man is in love or seriously attracted to a woman, the first to know are their best buds. If these friends of his are not at all excited upon meeting you, then your guy might not be talking about you at all. If he hasn’t mentioned you to them after a series of dates, then he’s probably not serious about you. Better start walking out the door before losing at his game.