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Is he a cheater?

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Who‘s a Cheater

Understanding Cheating Games

Cheating games is lying, deceiving, tricking, imposing, etc. It is a characteristic that is used to create really unfair advantages to an individual. It is usually for the interest of one and at the others’ expense. Cheating definitely means that you are breaking certain rules for your own benefit only. This is more referred to as marital infidelity. The individual who is guilty of such actions is referred to generally as a cheat or a cheater and basically hated by his or her partner.

With regards to the human relationship, couples especially married ones tend to be monogamous sexually. If so, the cheating games are commonly referred to as infidelity and certainly are called adultery. Nevertheless, there are other stages of infidelity that may be emotional. Cheating games such as touching, or talking, or even thinking about having sexual desires on others or just being attracted to others is just as damaging as cheating face to face.

Emotional cheating is something connected to emotional abuse which is treated today very seriously in the court of law as to physical cheating. Expanding your understanding about the other cultures’ idea of cheating, we came to a generalization that there are lots of ways of cheating. When in a relationship that is bound by commitment, the cheating definitions are based on the opinions of both parties. Also, both of them may redefine their knowledge and understanding to be able to match the other party’s cheating definition.

Some of the couples would simply believe that the games of cheating include doing anything verbal, or physical or even in secret (without doing in front of the other person). Such examples are expressing attraction other than your significant other, kissing others, electronic communication with others you are attracted to, making out with someone not your partner, and of course, sexual relationship with a person not your better half.

Most people consider these games of cheating to be a certain violation of anything that couples have mutually agreed upon. The rules and boundaries they set in their relationship have not met which may include or not include the sexual monogamy. There are different kinds of relationships and cheating also varies from them. You may not be accused of cheating when having one or more partners in a polygamous relationship. Nevertheless, you may be in trouble getting accused of cheating when seen kissing others in a monogamous relationship.