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Understanding the Player and their Games

Men love to play games. What kind of games? Video games, computer games, sport games to name a few. But their favorite, so far, as any man would affirm, is the thrill of playing games with women.

Any woman who has successfully won over a man in this game would say that it is most enjoyable. A woman who has been defeated by the player and their games would say that this game, if not held with proper precaution may cost you a shattered heart.

That is why it is important for women to understand the player and their games. Of course, it might not be possible to answer all lingering questions but a basic knowledge about the player and their games would give you half a court advantage. Since they would be eagerly competitive in winning this game, women need to be equipped.

Here are some basic principles and insights about the player and their games:

1. Men are like little boys – No matter how old he is there will always be a part of him which craves fun and excitement. Men are little boys who looks like grown men. Ever noticed why he’s still fixated with his love for cars? He plays with cars when he was little and he collects big cars now that he’s an adult. You must first acknowledge the fact that it is in their nature to play.

2. Men are like wolves – What about wolves you ask? They are territorial; it means that you should not cross the borders he set. This is also why they are highly competitive when another man finds interest in you. It appears as a challenge for them to win you over. That way, he becomes superior. It’s also why he would act overly protective of you when another man lingers around. He will consider you as his territory and therefore none should wander around his territory aside from him

3. Men are like dogs – Apart from playing, what do dogs like? They like to chase. The chase brings him a sense of challenge. Again, a game and an opportunity to win it. This is why women must see the point of how important it is to be worthy of a chase. When you easily give yourself off, he will lose his interest in chasing you. Besides, a victory won the hard way is most sweet.

Hope that this article provided you with insights about the player and their games. Always remember that reputations are hard to clean once it is tarnished.