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Is she cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Why Women Are Engaged with Cheating Games

Media, entertainment, and society have displayed mostly the title of cheating games master to men. Women are generally perceived as more honest, more loving, and very much unlikely to stray or cheat in the relationship especially committed ones. However, recently, studies have shown that the numbers of women playing cheating games are significantly increasing because of many reasons. These reasons are tackled below.

One is that when a woman wants to get revenge, she will resort to cheating. There are many women who play cheating games after being hurt by their significant other. Being cheated on is certainly painful and this pain can somehow lessen when they do the same for revenge. They can cry and get support from family and friends but it is just that much. They may want the same treatment they have experienced to also be experienced by their partner who cheated.

Then, when women feel neglected they may look for someone who can definitely notice them more. Women may want to be always noticed and taken greatly in account. They definitely want to feel acknowledgement from you. If she thinks and feels that the attention as well as security that you have been giving her is not enough, then chances are they will look for the insufficiency outside.

If you are always very popular with girls, then you should keep your eye on your better half because chances are she might be in deep planning on how to get back to you while friendly ladies swarm around you. If your lady does not feel a sense of security and assurance then she might also play a few cheating games on you just to get back and get revenge.

When a woman is unhappy with your relationship with her, she will definitely want to get away with it. Happiness is very important in a relationship. Who wants to be in a relationship that seems to be unhappy, anyway? Definitely, none!

Sexual relationship also contributes to either men or women when it comes to relationships. This is an important part of a relationship. If women are not getting enough fun inside the bedroom, then she might look for someone who can give her the pleasure she needs and this will not turn out to be okay. So, your woman should also be satisfied with your sexual relationship with her just like how satisfied she is with your love and affection.