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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Why Women Cheat

Men and women cheat on their partners because of different reasons. Men are mostly egotistic and they happily accept challenges to prove someone wrong. Women, on the other hand, are secretive and do not openly discuss the problems they are facing with their partners. Instead, they trust someone else and open their heart in front of them. In most cases, this someone else turns out to be another man who takes interest in them. Sooner or later, this friendship ends up in a cordial affair unknown to their husband.

Women of different upbringing have different reasons of cheating. Some think that being with one partner is too boring for them and therefore they have to go out and seek other relationships. Sometimes the way a woman thinks about an affair is different from the way a man thinks about it. Usually men are very possessive about their wives and they don’t like it even if a woman is just being friends with another man. Men don’t like to confront their partners regarding extramarital affairs. They keep it buried in their hearts and then explode suddenly. The consequences of their silence are often not very pleasant. They end up either cheating on their partners themselves or killing the one they find out to be their wife’s boyfriend.

Women also cheat on their partners if they want to take revenge. It’s their way to tell men that they can also be equally unfeeling and insensitive when it comes to relationships. If a relationship loses its color and the couple don’t spend as much time together as they used to, women are the first ones to notice this change. As a result they start complaining and sometimes start discussing their private matters with someone else. Men are usually very positive about their relationships and they don’t think that something might be wrong or that they should give more time to their wife. They think that she should understand that they have to work and spend time in office and doing other stuff. But what they don’t know is that a woman experiences many emotional changes throughout her life and she needs a shoulder to cry on every now and then. In this case men are to be blamed for their lack of care and gentleness that results in their wife cheating on them.

Another reason of cheating in women is a sense of insecurity. When a relationship starts a woman wants to feel secure in every matter of her life. If a man is incapable of providing that security or he’s not man enough to cater for all her needs and demands, then a woman will go out and seek other relationships.

No matter what the reason behind cheating is, a man should try to set things straight between himself and his wife. A woman is much more sensitive and she understands very quickly if handled with care and love. Don’t let your relationship fall apart just because of small personal problems. Try to sort them out and start afresh with your relationships.

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