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Coping with Jealousy the Relationship Killer

In almost any form of relationship, jealousy is considered as one of the root causes why couples break up. In a man-woman relationship, this can never really be eradicated. But what if you have a same-sex relationship? Do you think you are free from this relationship killer?   Of course not! In fact, in this kind of relationship the level of jealousy is triple as compared to a man-woman relationship.

Now, if you think that you have no guts on how to face jealousy the right way, you need to have a good relationship advice.  But before that, you must first know the factors that trigger this kind of feeling.

Jealousy arises from a perceived threat to the relationship. It also characterizes the following: fear of being replaced and dumped, fear of losing your partner or abandonment, fear of being excluded and many more. The person feeling this, most of the time develops low self-esteem and insecurity. You will notice the signs of jealousy to your partner especially if you feel like he does not trust you anymore and he always goes on with continual questioning of your whereabouts and your companions as well.

If you are noticing some of these signs, then you better evaluate yourself if he really has the right to get jealous with you and you will also need a relationship advice. Aside from him, are you very close to someone else of the same gender? Do you also hangout with him most of the time even if you keep telling your partner that he is just a good friend? Are you losing time for your partner? It just takes a little bit of introspection and you will be able to understand the what is happening in your relationship and your partner.

Now, is there a chance for you to overcome jealousy in your relationship and turn it into a sweeter one? Of course there is! All you have to do is follow the succeeding relationship advice especially if you are the partner who easily gets jealous all the time.

One of the things you can do is keep a jealousy journal so that you can have an outlet without the risk of hurting or abusing your same-sex partner. You must also confront yourself by asking yourself thought-provoking questions about your relationship. You and your partner must also have communication in order for you to understand each other well. Just like in a man-woman relationship, this will also be the backbone of your relationship.

With the help of these pieces of relationship advice, you can have the chance to handle your relationship even more especially when jealousy becomes the problem.