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Going the Extra Mile

People kept asking me for relationship advices. But in my opinion, in order to fine tune a relationship, it is all about going the extra mile, or should I say, adding spice to a regular relationship that would indeed pave way to a better relationship. There is no magical formula about relationship advices, but there are tips that would be able to help you bring your relationship to a whole new level. Always remember that being in a relationship is a two way street, it should not always be one sided and also, be open to compromises no matter what happens. Here are some basic tips about bringing your relationship to a whole new level:

1. Surprise her – After a hard day at work, nothing beats the thought of meeting your loved one waiting for you after your shift. From here on, you can bring her around town for a nice dinner or even watch a movie together. Among all the relationship advices out there, this is the most simple and effective tip. Trust me; even your great grandfather did it.

2. Pamper her – Well, this relationship advice is the most expensive but again, this accelerates everything like a catalytic converter. On weekends, you can bring her to a spa or a salon for her to be able to relax and after that, this is optional, you can bring her shopping. Now this is very effective. It is a tried and tested method and has worked all the time but always remember that you should balance spending as it can be addicting to her if done frequently and then, new problems might arise.

3. Get to know her family – Relationship advices are nothing compared to being accepted by her family. It is the ultimate accomplishment. Take the time to meet her family and tell them about yourself, what you do and about your upbringing. This way, they can easily relate to your experiences and at the same time, they would warm up to you.

I hope that you enjoy this article and hoping that you would be able to take your relationship to another level. But of course, before going to such extents, always make sure that you have a solid communication line as well as trust. Without these two, relationships are based on a shaky foundation. So always make sure that the level of understanding is there and well reachable.