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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

How To Get A Guy To Do What You Want

Ok Ladies and well nosey Men,

So the old saying "you can get more bees with honey than vinegar", well its true! But let me go in depth so that this really works and we get him to be like a puppet. So guys love sex, and well not only do they love it but they Need it! So do you ever see in the movies how the villain is dressed extremely sexy, talks in a seductive voice and is the fun -no nagging girl? Well you have to play her!

First you want to dress sexy and look good because well studies have shown that people will be nicer to prettier people. It is mean but dont get mad at me..its the public! Even if he has seen you in your worse you still want to maybe get something new, thats sexy. Did I say it has to be sexy? because it does! Alright so you have your sexy outfit, next is men LOVE LOVE LOVE it when you baby them! So you have to talk to him not in a creepy little girl voice but in a sexy way. Also, you have to let them know how much you care for him because well you do and they need to hear it to . So DO NOT start by telling him what you want because chances are if you are reading this article you probably have already Nagged the hell out of him and it is just going to Annoy him.

So keep it short and sweet what you want. Lets say you want him to take you out to dinner more. Well in your sexy outfit maybe while straddling him you can say " oh, baby... remember when you took me out to dinner a few weeks ago? ...well I want more of that because you made me very special that night"

Think of Positive stuff and POSITIVE reasons of the outcome. DONT say " i want to go to dinner because i deserve it and You never take me out to dinner anymore"

Another situation a little bit more tricker is if you want him to hang out with you more than his friends? Well I havent had this problem but I sure know how to handle this one too! Its quit easy ..it has to be a give and take. You want more time with him? So do something he likes to do and have fun with it! Eventually he will see that you can hang like one of the guys and before you know it you will be doing mani's and pedis together ;o

Till next time Fans,