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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Number One Reason For Divorce

Hello Fans,

Divorce rates keep getting higher and are at an incredible percentage. I researched online and on average it seems half of the couples who will be getting married will folllow with divorce. So why is it that all of a sudden the rates dramatically increased and divorce became the new "thing". Well people these days don't want to go through the hassel or trouble of making things work. We live in a world where people become more and more independent.

Human contact is being replaced by technology (through the computer or text messages) and it seems people are forgetting how to be able to just deal with another person. That's another reason which then leads people to cheat, because they are unable to just commit to one person. For christs' sake, yes people argue, and you may disagree its OK you dont need to part with the person because everthing does not go perfect. We grow up with our own parents and we even disagree with them- who know us, so well! or even our own children!

Now, this is excluding if you are being abused mentally, emotionally, or physically of course. I for instance believe- '' unless my partner physically abuses me or is unfaithful, divorce is out of the question". Everything else we will have to just figure it out on our own or get the help we need. Because thats what you are suppose to do, is work through problems together. You have a teammate in life to get through tough stuff. A friend of mine once told me "Life is nothing but a bunch of problems, one after the other and our goal is to find a solution...the sooner you realize that the happier you will be" . And I believe this to be true. Just think of any of your friends or family members, everyone has their own set of issues. They may not be the same as yours but they have their own.

So taking outside not being in a healthy relationship, I believe that once you commit to one person ..well really put it in your mind that under no circumstance will you runaway from your issues. Communication is key and very important in how well your relationship will deal with issues that you and your partner are faced with. One way to look at it is, you have had issues with someone in your family im sure, and because they are family--well you have figured out a way to deal with it.

The reason being is that when you put it in your mind and truly believe that you and your partner have to solve it together then you will. If you go into a relationship with the mind set that, " Well..if this doesnt work out I can always get out" then guess what, you will not be given it your all.

Now there are a few topics which come after you put your mind set to this that will make your relationship alot healthier. For instance, good communication, sex life, compatibility, fulfillment, giving and taking, and overall a better state of mind emotionally, physically and mentally to be with your partner.

What I want the readers to take with them,when you feel you are unable to solve a conflict is:

   before it became possible, it was impossible first: