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Relationship Advice for Men

We’ve heard about so many pieces of relationship advice but which of them actually works? Women on one hand have gathered far more useful relationship advice from other women. This is because women just love talking about relationships, or they just love talking, either way, women know just the right relationship advice that works. But men, they’re clueless.


Men don’t get the kind of advices among their peers. But what do they talk about when they’re together? Sports, cars, gadgets, and video games. If he opens a problem about his relationship with his girl, his friends would probably say, “Get a hold of yourself man!” and laugh about it. From this article men will learn some relationship advice that they should have learned long ago.


  1. You should answer her questions the right way.

She asks: Do I look fat in this dress?

You answer: Of course not sweetheart, you look great!


She asks: Is she prettier than me?

You answer: You are the most beautiful woman in this room.


She asks: I tried the new recipe, is it good?

You answer: (Honesty is not the best policy here) “Delicious!”


  1. Just do it. – If you said to her that you’re going to fix the sink, then do it! If you said to her that you’re going to throw the trash, then do it! The thing here is, if you said something to her, she will expect you to do it. In failing to do so, you will leave her angry and disappointed; much worse, it could lead to a fight.


  1. Compliment her. – This part is always stressed in any form of relationship advice. A woman can never get enough of compliments and it’s because she feels she deserves it anyway. Second of all, it secures her to know that you find her wonderful.


  1. Put her first and your sports channel second. – Women see it and women know it that men are die hard fans of sports. When they sit on the couch, open the sports channel, nothing else seems to matter. But if your partner needs to talk to you then turn off the TV and talk with her. Let her know that she’s more important than the football finals.


  1. When you say sorry, mean it. – When you ask for forgiveness and she forgives you it never ends there. You need to gain her trust again. So saying you are sorry, bringing her flowers could help, but what she needs to see is that you are never going to do that mistake again.