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Anything to Save the Relationship

How desperate are you to save your relationship? Will you do anything in your powers to keep your partner? Do you need help to save your relationship?

First of all, this behaviour is normal every time a relationship is on the rocks, trust me. The first thing that you need to do is to calm down and think straight. Now, write down the reasons why you would want to save the relationship. After that, write down the cons of the relationship. Now, weigh those two down and see if you really want to save your relationship. The reason why I want you to weigh those two in is to see whether you are serious or not.

Think about it first as you might still be in the phase where you are feeling lost and you need someone to care for you. This is usually the common cause.

But if you really want to save the relationship, well then, here are some basic tips on how to save the relationship:

1. Change for the Better – Try cooking or baking for a change. Surprise your partner with something that he / she hasn’t felt or seen before. Try as much to be different. Shed your old personality and stay positive. One of the reasons why relationships break is due to boredom and the feeling of being stagnant which leads to the partner looking for other thrills or other things to do. If your partner doesn’t like a particular attitude, then, change for the better.

2. Plan Activities – Try to spend more time to bond with each other like plan a vacation together, date more often, or even try something that your partner likes which you don’t. If not, put your feet down and plan one. Saving your relationship means that you have to apply drastic measures no matter what it takes.

3. Clean Slate – In order to save your relationship, the most ultimate agreement is by cleaning slate. This way the relationship is back to its full potential, kind of like jump starting love again. This means that the relationship can be saved as long as both parties compromise, communicate and develop trust again. If done correctly, you will never have the thought of losing your partner again.

Hope that the above mentioned would be able to help you one way or the other. These are just basic tips, but all of these tips will not work unless you step forward and promise that everything will work out. Always remember to stay positive.