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Bringing back the Gentleman in You

This article is dedicated to our male readers, whom have been asking for articles or tips on how they could save their relationship from falling apart. Trust me; this is a common question among our male readers, so we have prepared a list of pointers that would be able to help you save your relationship.

There is only one simple answer to that, and that is to bring back the gentleman in you.

Save your relationship now by doing the ff:

1. Chores (for married couples) – Help around the house especially when your wife is busy. This way, you would be able to tone down the amount of workload that she is planning on doing for the day. All in all, this is a perfect time to bond and at the same time, this is also good exercise.

2. Romance (applicable to all) – Save your relationship by bringing back romance. In general, women are simple. They just want to be loved. So you can either bring her out to a candle light dinner, plan a vacation, etc. But don’t forget to say ‘I love you’ at the end of the day for it completes the day.

3. Communicate (applicable to all) – Miscommunication and misinterpretation are common causes of fights in a relationship. So in order to save your relationship and to avoid such problems in the future, you have to be more transparent to her so that she would understand. So set time to talk to each other whenever you can in order to keep communication lines open and for her to know that you are changing for the better in order to keep this relationship.

4. Effort – Always go the extra mile to save the relationship. Even though you had made a lot of mistakes in this relationship, you can always mend it by taking efforts to change and showing her that you are capable of it. The last ditch effort is usually the hardest but if you go the extra mile just to show how much you love her, then you win extra brownie points.

Always keep in mind that saving a relationship requires an investment of time and effort in order to make things right. There is no easy solution and should not be solved by band aid methods as you will have more problems later. It’s best to face them now and solve them rather than it to grow within, which is bad for your health. Good luck in your efforts!