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Is he a cheater?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Is My Relationship Worth Saving

Problems come up in every relationship. But from time to time, some couples reach the point where they question if their relationship is worth saving.

With this in mind, the following questions are designed to help people put their relationship into perspective - to help individuals determine what's positive about a relationship and what might be an area of concern. 

Issues To Consider:

If you had to create a short list of people you could spend the day with, would your spouse be on that list? Do you genuinely enjoy each other's company? Do you laugh when you’re together?

Do you have the same values, goals and interests? Do you and your spouse enjoy doing the same things? Do the two of you want the same things out of life?

Do you express a lot of affection and appreciation for each other? Or is there mostly indifference, negativity and hostility in your relationship?

Does your partner make you feel understood? Does your spouse try to see your point of view? When discussing things, does your husband or wife listen to what you have to say?

Is your relationship based on fairness? Does your spouse see you as an equal? Do you feel you are treated with respect? Or do you feel used, exploited, or taken for granted?

Do you feel that your spouse will be there for you in a time of need? Can you count on your spouse for help when the going gets tough?

Do you feel comfortable sharing your innermost thoughts with your spouse? How easy is it for you to talk to your spouse about sensitive issues?

When you disagree with each other, do the two of you work together and try to resolve your differences? Or is there a lot of hostility, disregard and contempt when disagreements arise?

Does your spouse satisfy you sexually? Do you have sex on a regular basis? Or are you disappointed or frustrated with your sex life?

Source: Truth About Deception