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Is she cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, but cheating is Universal!

Men and woman generally cheat for various reasons as every ones situation is different. To actually state who cheats more is really a guess, but there are statistics out there suggesting that men cheat more than woman. This is not an actual fact though, as the word of a cheater is tainted and cannot be trusted. Cheating is built around lies and deceiving people so clearly these people are not always the most accurate. In-fact, today, a cheating woman is just as common as a cheating man.

Men generally cheat on their spouse due to sexual issues. Usually there is a sex problem within the relationship, and the woman might not know it. He may have a fantasy to fulfill that she wants no party of or he may have a much higher sex drive then the woman, which will lead him to cheat rather then just accept less sex then he would like. Overall females spend less time thinking about fun between the sheets. About 50% of women fantasize once or twice a day about love-making, for men the figure is ten times that, and seven out of ten men want more sex then they get according to the poll by condom makers Durex. A woman generally cheats for emotional reasons rather than for sexual reasons. When she is ignored, not treated as she was in the beginning of the relationship and all her complaints are unheard, a woman may decide to cheat.

If a man shows no respect, care, concern or romance towards the woman and gives her no emotional support, some woman may look elsewhere to have their emotional needs met. As we all know, for the majority of women emotions are tied to sex, if a man does not fill her emotional needs her sexual desires for him will fade. A man, however, is generally a more simple being. I am not saying that some men aren’t deep and emotional, but generally speaking a man will cheat when he feels his need for sex is not being fulfilled or given its proper attention. If he has spoken to his partner about this and has not received a respectful and active response, he is likely to cheat.

Most of the reasons woman become unfaithful could be easily addressed by a husband who is willing to make the effort and put in some extra work for the relationship. For this reason, I believe that most affairs relating woman cheating on men are preventable. Men may also be prevented from cheating by better communication and compromise so a man’s needs can be met or adjusted. Some kind of mutual beneficial agreement that both people come up with together is the best way to make the situation work. If both people have a say in the compromise they will both be more likely to follow it, as opposed to one person setting the terms and the other having to follow or suffer the reprocussions.

In my honest opinion, be it male of female cheaters, cheating is for people who haven’t grown up. I recently reviewed an interesting article that stated, men and woman who are more likely to cheat are those who have been spoiled rotten as kids, never were made to handle with major stress (as parents or previous partners have always bailed them out), have never dealt with hard times from financial issues or emotional struggles, have had everything done for them, and people who always have their own way. In other words, adults with self-respect, self worth, respect for their partners, a realistic view of what life is really like and people who have worked hard to overcome challenges in the past will generally do whatever they can to make the relationship work.  To me, cheating is just a temper tantrum for adults who don’t get their own way in a relationship.

A relationship is about trust, loyalty, commitment and a lifelong quest of fulfilling each other’s needs. When you love someone, you live not only with them, but also for them. There happiness is yours, and there misery is yours, you take the good with the bad, gradually trying to improve the good, while overcoming obstacles along the way. If you know this entering a relationship then when things arise that are not what you wanted you put your heads together and find a way to make it work. Not just take the easy way out to keep yourself happy. This is real life, you won’t always be happy. But if you live your life the right way and show your partner the respect and care they deserve the happy times will drastically overpower the not so perfect moments.