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Saving your Relationship

Saving your relationship from the brink of separation is all about learning to communicate effectively with each other. Misinterpretation and miscommunication are both big factors in a separation so one should always be open to explain the situation properly in order to save the relationship. Here are some basic tips on saving your relationship:

1. Communicate – In order to properly assess the problem at hand, one must always invite the partner to a heart to heart talk to properly gauge the situation. Have a coffee or something as long as both sides are calm and clear minded. From here on, talk about what is happening to the relationship and explain why you want to save the relationship and from here, be able to work something out.

2. Manage the Relationship – Both sides should mutually agree that they would like to save the relationship. It should not be one sided as a relationship will not function if one is not happy anymore in the relationship. If both agree to save the relationship, then, it is time to manage to relationship by spending more time with each other. No matter how hard things seem, with a partner that you can rely on and is willing to save everything, things will always work out for the best.

3. Compromise - Relationships are all about mutual understanding and giving way to each other no matter how hard the situation is. Learning how to comprise is definitely needed in saving your relationship for it shows maturity and character in knowing that you’d rather sacrifice things just to save the relationship. The majority of life’s lessons are always learned because of compromise.

4. Trust – Trust is a game changer. Without trust, there is no point in continuing on. So the question is, ‘do you still trust your partner’? If so, then tell them that you trust them. It’s always best to say it to them now rather than say it later. Don’t question your partner in any decision that they make as again, you need to trust them.

If they break it, you are on the higher ground. Other tips from people that I did some surveys on:

1. Save your relationship now by doing the right thing, trust in each other. Without trust, relationships will fall like a house of cards.

2. Save your relationship now by taking the first step, admit that you are at fault. Admitting defeat is always the mature thing to do.

3. Save your relationship by telling your partner that you love them.