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A Spouse Role is to Take Care of Number One

“Everybody needs somebody to love” is a line that you’ll encounter from a popular song. This only means that every person is longing for someone to be their partner in love and in life, and will take care of them for the rest of their lives. This is also the reason why people get into intimate relationships or even to marriages. But the big question regarding this very typical subject always stays behind our minds: how do we take care of the relationship for it to last for a lifetime?

Faithfulness or loyalty to one’s partner is one of the most vital factors in maintaining a relationship in which taking care of number one should be the major priority. To explain further, being loyal to your partner is such like a difficult undertaking wherein you need to take good care of the trust of your number one partner. You can only say that you are faithful to your spouse, fiancé, or companion if there’s no other third party involved in the relationship.

In marriage, taking care of number one partner is essential to preserve the very good rapport in a relation of a husband and wife. In most cases, the break-up of marriage is due to unfaithful partners linking to extramarital relationships. This only not destroys the foundation of love between partners but also the family that they have created. If this happens, the most affected parties will be the children who will suffer the consequences even long after the incidence of infidelity. So in order to avoid this, partners in marriage should always put trust on each other for the benefit of the family they have already built and especially for the good future of their children. Taking care of number one priority will be easy if selfishness and other shameful interests will be set aside.

On the other hand, given that some cultures have different marriage practices wherein they allow a man to marry more than one wife, in spite of this the essence of care for the family is still being the main outlook of the head of the family. Although sometimes this might cause conflicts between the other wives, the duty of maintaining the unique bonding and love between the other parties is being taken care of by the father.

To sum it up, taking care of number one factor in a relationship which is “faithfulness” is the key for a long-term bond.