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Taking Care of Number 1 when He or She is Sick

If you are into a relationship, you are duty-bound to in taking care of number one. Whatever happens, you must always be there to support and to encourage him or her. But what if one day, your most beloved partner got sick? This is the time how you can show that you are the best partner in the world in taking care of number one.

The following are just some of the things which you can do to show that you are taking care of number one: preparing her favorite foods, taking her to the doctor, taking good care of her clothes, preparing blankets and pillows and attending to her temperature especially if she’s suffering from fever. Actually, these are just common sense because every person knows how to take good care of others especially the opposite sex. But the main point of this article is to teach you on how to do the caring process in a very surprising and careful manner that will keep your chemistry alive.

When a person is sick, of course he or she will look for his or her favorite foods. It has been said that the way through a man’s heart is through her stomach. This maxim can also be applied to females. Aside from preparing the foods, of course you also need to cook them. If they have been deliciously cooked, your girlfriend will definitely be impressed. You can also prepare her favorite movies while she is lying in the couch in the living room. Through this, you will have a great bonding moment and you can show that you are taking care of number one.

If the sickness of your girlfriend is more than just fever, then it is also your duty to bring her to the hospital. Now, you have to be man enough in order for you to drive her to the office of the doctor. After being prescribed with medicine, you must immediately take her to the pharmacy.

When you both are home, you must also be the one to be in-charge for a while of the household chores. By doing things like washing the dishes, vacuuming the floor, walking the dog and doing the laundry, you will be trained to be a good husband in the future.

You must also give whatever she wants of whatever she needs. In order for her to feel better, you must also be ready to give her back rub. As long as she’s still sick, always be at her side.

One of the gauges to show how you care for your number one is by taking care of her when she is sick. So, be man enough.