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Taking Care of your Number One

The key to the prosperity of a family is not just about taking care of the children but also taking care of number one, which is the wife, just like how the wife treats the husband. A married man should learn how to greatly treat his number one in a way that she can turn into a character most similar to an angel of love. So, a man should find what his wife desires and start taking care of number one. He should make his like in accordance to his wife’s righteous wishes and requests.

A wife is the center of love and kindness in the family but she can be very emotional sometimes. Her existence is somehow dependent on affection and compassion. She longs to be respected and loved by her family. She also sacrifices herself greatly for the sake of her family. This is such a strong character of a woman that if she feels that she is not loved, and then she can regards herself as a great failure. Then, she will feel dejected and somehow disappointed with herself. So, the secret of a man that is successful in his marital life is the amount of love he gives to his wife.

When your wife married you, she left the loving and the kindness of her parents. She expects and hopes that you will give them to her much more that her parents and friends. She extremely trusted you and for that, she also entrusted you with her very own existence and you should start showing that you are taking care of number one. Your expression of love and affection to your number one is the ultimate secret to a very happy life.

If you want your wife to be obedient to you as well as conquer her precious heart and strengthen your ties, remain very faithful to her and express your true love for her for these are ways for you to show that you are taking care of number one. If you will not show any kindness to your wife, then she would definitely lose interest in your house, in your children, and most of all, in you. Your wife will not make any effort to make your house a real home for you and your children.

A home without love and affection is just the same as the burning hell even though your house is grand and full of delicious foods. Your wife may have nervous breakdown or become ill if there is no love and affection in you. She may even seek these needs in others and may even the one who will ask you for a divorce.