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Is she cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

What every woman should know about men

The dating scene is a very complicated thing to master. However just like everything else it is all about the effort put in to it. It is very important to set your expectations and make sure they are realistic. There are many types of people out there so be aware of their personality traits and pick the best match for you. To make things easier below are the most common types of men.

The Sports jock

Typically plays in one or more sports and holds titles such as MVP. Sports come first and everything else is a distant second. If this guy is going to college he is probably betting all his chips on a sports scholarship and has dreams of a job in professional sports. The reality is most do not make it and take out their failure on the woman they marry.

The Wannabe Gangster

 This guy is often a boy without purpose or leadership in their life. They are always trying to sport the latest trend in what they think is badass. Real gangsters laugh at them and other wannabe's think they are cool. The reality is that these are boys who will grow out of this phase and since they have had no leadership skills in life it will most likely follow into their adult life hood. Typically getting a job with no goals and staying at the same level.

The Pretty Boy

This is the boy that wants to look better than his girlfriend. Always in the mirror and probably secretly criticizes his girlfriends looks. The bottom line is that since this guy is so into looks he will probably settle for someone based on looks alone. And as we all know beauty fades but dumb is forever.

The Mamas Boy

This boy has been nurtured by his mother since birth and still is being babied. His mother does everything still for him that she should have stopped ten years ago! This boy is hard to please not because you are pleasing him but because the approval of mother is so much needed. Noone will ever compare to his mother and he will compare everyone to his mother. His mother will always come first and no one will be able to fit her shoes. This baby does not have a clear understanding of the separating between a mother and a partner.

The follower

This guy does not think for himself at all and usually will be the one agreeing to everything you say. Although nice it does get old and the good side is you will never get into a fight with him probably. The follower will never excel in his career and will be the guy stuck in a cubicle with no goals of promotion since he is surrounded by others at his level. The reason that the follower will look to the people around him and not a leader is because he follows the majority. He is the type of guy that will follow the crowd and not want to stand alone. Hence, the reason why he will not look up to a leader since a leader is not a group of people.

The Partier

This is the guy that you call when you break up because you know he is going to be out somewhere. You can always have a great time with him but chances are even if the right girl came around he wouldn’t notice it because he would not take the time to know. In the event you date this guy, old habits die hard so be prepared to party with him, or be woken up at 5am when he comes home.

The Family Guy

Can you say "Sweet Home Alabama?". This guy is very traditional, and is probably the type of guy all girls envision marrying when they were younger, someone "just like daddy". Your family will love this guy but he will maybe end up being the guy that is "too nice" or "too boring".

The Loner

This guy does not get out of the house. He is very anti-social and we can go ahead and categorize gothic guys into this category as well. You can mark most of your axe murderers and America’s most wanted under this category. He is that guy in high school that was just creepy.

The Sports Fanatic

The Sports Fanatic: "GO RED SOX", OR "YANKEES"!  Congratulations!  Your first date will be at a baseball arena, football field or basketball court!  Don’t worry this guy brought plenty of conversation...about the Sports team!! Also a warning, do not stand in front of the TV. If this happens to be the guy you fall in love with, I have the recipe to make him yours forever. First, always host game night and bring food and beer for him and his friends. And secondly, decorate your house with tons of memorabilia of sports. Lastly, your children will be little clone fans as well.

The Gym Rat

"Do you have tickets to the Gun Show?". Well, this guy is always at the gym and no need for dinner because a protein shake is his order. Be careful of the body gas from his over protein processed belly. This guy usually has a stable job and sets goals for himself. He is goal oriented a trait he learned from setting his next barbell weight goal.

The Business Man

" Hello?...Can you Hear me now?...how about now?". Well welcome to cell phone world! This is the guy that you think is talking to you but he is talking on his blue tooth. He is very focused on money and is very successful. Women take a backseat to his success. As long as he is a partner that does not complain he will be happy. Be careful of the "business trips" as wealthy men unfortunately attract gold diggers. They say money doesn’t buy happiness but he will paper brown bag it for you.

The Gossiper

"Can you say Chatty Matty?" Be careful what you say in front of him because you will be speaking it through an intercom for the world to hear.  Although everyone loves having him around no one likes it when their names are being thrown around in his conversations because it is always drama.

The Troublemaker

This guy can’t seem to stay away from trouble. Whether it is getting into a fight for someone looking at you or trying to stick up for his friends, this guy has handcuffs made just for him. Protection is nice but he can’t protect you from prison.

The Metro Sexual

"Real men wear Pink!". Okay this guy is just a little bit too close to the homosexual line. He dresses good, smells good, takes care of himself, as a matter of fact he has many feminine characteristics. This makes you think a lot as to if he is really into girls or men. You can take him shopping with you. Here is the test, if you find yourself talking about boys with him...run.

The Player

He is always doing and saying the right things. However, that comes with ease because he has had a lot of practice. He is very good at apologizing as he does whenever he is caught. He is an excellent persuader as well. He will never give you 100% of himself but you will always crave more.


All men fall into one or more of these categories. It is very important that you are aware of the signs and determine what is right for you.  Nobody is perfect but determining where you are in your life and having someone compliment you will give you the best chance at a successful relationship.