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Comment Dashawn booker

on 2/28/2017 2:26:27 AM Says

Amanda hamilton The Cheater:

The Comment: Get me more information

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment Dashawn booker

on 2/28/2017 2:24:50 AM Says

Amanda hamilton The Cheater:

The Comment: Get me this information

The State: GA

The Area Code: 30060

Comment Blockdatass

on 2/28/2017 1:50:24 AM Says

Rolando Willis The Cheater:

The Comment: He and his current wife both trifling. She slept with him although he was still married. He has been around with strippers sleeps around constantly. Uses dating sites. His wife knows and is amused. Stay away. Stationed in Missouri/ Carolina

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment Thisbitchiscrazy

on 2/28/2017 1:29:52 AM Says

Kim krutz The Cheater:

The Comment: She just doesn't stop. Has found a man FOOL enough to marry her. LOL!!! Derek Erthal, you should run. Definitely no unsupervised time with your child. You've got to be crazy to even look at this nasty bitch.

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment pennsylvaniadream

on 2/27/2017 8:27:24 PM Says

Darren Ambler The Cheater:

The Comment: Hello My Favorite Ladies group.

My Thanks to all of you for your help and support since the inception of our fabulous group. Wanted to remind all of you that this week the meeting is tomorrow night as opposed to Wednesday.

Lt Riley really made our group even better last week. He was very cute also! I think he is already spoken for. He did say that sex addicts and psycho's like Darren Ambler do have an disorder. But he also said that the majority of people who use and abuse women like Mr. Darren are just plain and simple "Scum bags with no Moral Foundation or Social grace.


To simplify "Yes" Darren and guys like him are sick but most are just a bunch of degenerate low lifes with no ediquette. Which certainly describes Darren Ambler.


It really was not funny even though a lot of us did laugh when Lt. Riley said how sick and vulgar it was for Darren to be carrying on a dirty affair with that 64 year old women. He said to have sex with a women that could be Darren's mother is plain vial and Perverted. he also said more than likely women his own age have no interest in him for obvious reasons/ just look at that face.


Very interesting when he said if Darren screws women over 62 they are senior citizens. Therefore- if these women were to have a heart attack after "Dumbo" screws then he could go to jail for contributing to the demise of a senior. to simplify- he screwed them to death. How sick.


Lt Riley said to keep extending our offer to dumbo to attend our weekly meeting. However- he said in reality this Darren dude will never show his face- he would be a fool too. Which we all know Darren is a complete fool.- a perverted fool at that.


With all the recognition Darren is getting from our group and from Websites like Playerblock- maybe in the future he will think long and hard before he sticks his little winkie into his next helpless victim.


Good Night all see you Tomorrow 8 pm sharp!

The State: NJ

The Area Code: 215

Comment Schwartzbauer

on 2/27/2017 10:15:37 AM Says

Beverly shaffer The Cheater:

The Comment: U know that is her name so u guys are messing up

The State: MN

The Area Code: 763

Comment Schwartzbauer

on 2/27/2017 10:05:50 AM Says

Alan The Cheater:

The Comment: That is her name

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment franca76

on 2/26/2017 10:45:32 PM Says

mitchele The Cheater:

The Comment: When ever you think of secured hack on school grade, fbk hack, twitter, whatsapp, credit repairs, private investigation/spy on anyone and infiltrating any server reach out to hotcyberlord@gmail.com for a legit hack business.Estes

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment 20K

on 2/26/2017 12:28:45 PM Says

Elton Sequoya  Herman Elton Johnson EJAY The Cheater:

The Comment: Sister Jackson You mentioned you been scammed? OMG.. A friend who's an acquaintance of this JERK did mention that he wanted to talk to her about a busindess venture and investing a numerous $$.. Hmmnnn…..through paypal..I suggest to her to pause on that…. What is he WANTED FOR? She also mentioned whenever they meet shen oticed he alwys have clothes on hanger in his SUV. He's shaved his mustache and dyed his hair black.. I viewd the mugshots that another victim had mentioned and OMG that's him but with black hair from a picture my neice shared with me.. Sounds like this person has MH aka mental issues and bitter . Well I'm continuing my search, I see he has a twitter account so if he's WANTED NC should be able to find him… I been surfing the web and a PHYSICAL address is truly a mystery on him but I did find one in VA under his ex-wife (if he's truly divorced).d

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment 20K

on 2/26/2017 12:18:23 PM Says

Elton Sequoya  Herman Elton Johnson EJAY The Cheater:

The Comment: This is HILARIOIUS. Hmnnnn Well I'm looking for this OLD AZZ MAN who has my neice head going in circles.. I need solid proof to present her, he has charmed her mentally when he visit her in Ohio (wine, dine) SO PLEASE anyone that canpresent concrete evidence ( address, cars, place of employment). He told her he's self-employed , divorcee 8 yrs , custody of (twins) 18, daughter 15 . I don't want her to get any deeper with this OLD AZZ MAN charming ways...

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment Mercedes65

on 2/26/2017 11:20:58 AM Says

Elden Johnson The Cheater:

The Comment: OMG SMH Ms. SoDone123.. Did you meet him in Ohio or Virginia. I read he switch cars frequently.. A friend of mine met him yesterday in Rockville, MD driving a SUV Lexus, MD license. She said he was very nice., they went to a play, dinner, etc So was your encounter with him something she need to be aware of? She's due to meet him Wednesday regarding a business venture. I'm so glad I stopped by this site I had my suscipious and was typing Elden, Elton then this popped up. PLEASE share MORE.. I want true facts so I can let her SEE with her own EYES . Take care

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment EE

on 2/25/2017 11:40:30 AM Says

Kevin Pope The Cheater:

The Comment: He's married!!! Lies all the time and brags about cheating.

The State: VA

The Area Code: 703

Comment Deadnburied2016@gmail.com

on 2/25/2017 9:09:47 AM Says

William Keimig The Cheater:

The Comment: Lives in Point Pleasant/Mantaloking

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment Deadnburied2016@gmail.com

on 2/25/2017 9:09:10 AM Says

William Keimig The Cheater:

The Comment:

The State: NJ

The Area Code: Sociopath/Pathological Liar

Comment victimized87

on 2/24/2017 12:36:30 PM Says

Kyle Robert Long nickname sherm The Cheater:

The Comment: Kyle Long (also known as Sherm) and I dated for two years, of which he cheated on me with my next door neighbor Brandy who pretended to be my friend for over a year. He also searched and messaged people from Craigsist Causals for sex, is in a handful of masturbatory porn online, joined dating sites while we were together, downloaded chat apps, stayed at a number of motels. etc...

The State: MI

The Area Code: 586

Comment Julissa Bangz

on 2/24/2017 11:57:14 AM Says

Jeremy The Cheater:

The Comment: Jeremy is a crazy sex addict and sleezy player not to mention the biggest sweet talker. He is 30 and will sweet talk a grown ass mature woman, try to get her into bed. Just when you thought your sweet talking days were over and you're too old to be conned there's Jeremy.

He doesn't give up. He loves running game on every woman, but then again little teen girls , easy lay is his specialty and single moms. But he won't give up. He loves preying on many different women. He especially loves stupid looking easy girls that have no charisma or class.

Something about a cheesy looking ugly hoe that posts her cleavage on Facebook with her sleezy looking face and comments I'll be serving tonight at crab by the sea , come see me for some crab cakes and beer. That's all it takes for his dirty sleezy player to get a hard on. He will get turned on by anything that breathes. If you got a pussy and you show him attention and flirt with him you've got him.

Jeremy loves sending cock pics right away. He sends a pic holding his cock without even requesting it then jacking off. Also begs for pics . A real fuck boy. He will tell you how much he wants to cum inside you on the first text. Like wtf are you serious ? Also he will tell you he loves you on the first text. Warning signs. He will jerk off and send you cock pics and tell you how much he loves you. Don't fall for it.

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment SimonPhoenixhurtingincorona

on 2/23/2017 3:31:09 PM Says

Paul sanfilippo The Cheater:


Paul Sanfilippo is in fact a officer with the LAPD and any information I found online was not the same guy. I retract my statements regarding information that is online regarding paul sanfilppo as it is in regards to another person with the same name.


The State:

The Area Code:

Comment VigilanteVixen

on 2/23/2017 4:34:41 AM Says

Chad Eaton The Cheater:

The Comment: Chad Everett Eaton an abusive, dangerous Master Manipulator Narcissist who will destroy your life. Don’t trust him. 45 year old, former professional athlete with a deranged personality disorder who is prone to fits of drunken rage. Prior criminal record of domestic violence. Drug/alcohol/steroid dependencies. DUI convictions. Coke addict, alcoholic who drinks a liter of vodka a day to function/cope with all the lies and deception and drama he has manifested in his life.

Abused his last long term romantic partner of over 2 years, a kind mother of two young children, who suffers from a cognitive brain injury, who was easily tricked into believing he loved her, just so he could physically and mentally abuse her and borrow money which he never paid back.

Has no job, lives in an empty condo with no furniture or amenities, with two dogs that have no place to run or use the bathroom, so he keeps them holed up in the back of his truck for hours on end in the freezing winter, as he trolls dark dingy bars for more victims to con into his sick twisted world of manipulation and lies.

Scorned, battered and emotionally abused ex-wife and three children who have been mistreated and neglected and subsequently have no love or respect for him. Throughout his marriage, Chad cheated on and lied to his ex wife, who now has a domestic violence protection order against him.

Has an illegitimate son, from a stripper in New York who was conceived while still married with two toddlers and a baby at home. Chad evaded child support for his son and wants nothing to do with him.

He shoots up steroids and works out at 24 hour fitness in Redmond stalking unsuspecting 20-something year old girls, whom he can con into believing he is a “nice guy” so he can sexually exploit them, then discard as if they were yesterday’s newspaper.

Beware-Crossing paths with this monster will be detrimental to your sanity and future. In the words of his own children: ” He will ruin you

The State: WA

The Area Code: 425

Comment Greyfield

on 2/23/2017 3:11:03 AM Says

Nicole Hewitt The Cheater:

The Comment: She has turned a good guy into a complete broken person that no longer will put trust into anyone. Over the course of 1 day, she left me and went back with her ex. What's even more hilarious is the fact the entire time of our relationship she kept saying she was 'scared I'd leave her for my ex' when in reality it was her doing the cheating. She wants to know why a lot of guys are ----boys? Well it's because f---b-----s like her turn all the good guys into f---boys and then f---boys end up hurting the good girls turning them into f---b-----s. An endless cycle that continuously repeats itself.

She deserves no love from anyone after what she did to me and I hope this exposure teaches her something about respect.

The State: VA

The Area Code: 22407

Comment Julissa Bangz

on 2/23/2017 3:03:20 AM Says

Jeremy The Cheater:

The Comment: Jeremy hediin loves going on POF and Facebook. It's his fuck buddy dating source. The dating scene is exciting for him. Idk where he makes the time to get involved with many different women at the same time , better yet I'll say teens.

He's 30 and loves messing around with teen girls. Then again he finds it easier to get laid by going on Facebook commenting on their pics stuff like he's thinking of them , " you didn't respond to my text , 😍😍😍😍, sends them memes to make them smile , even dirty stuff like I wanna bang you on my furniture. He loves charming little girls it's easier for him to get laid , by giving little girls online attention then getting in a real relationship with a real woman that will cut him off in a heart beat.

He's clearly a head case and if I had a daughter that was talking to him I would be very worried.

Ladies : don't be fooled by him. He's clearly a sociopathic player and does not have any feelings. Simply as a human being. He is just a phony and lives for his " audience ", his online audience that is. He wAnts to be loved by everyone. Random ppl that dont know him. The second you challenge him for the real head case that he is , he's lost his battle. He needs to grow the fuvk up stop stalking little girls on Facebook and do something productive with his life. Clearly a needy player. Pb got played by girls.

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment Julissa Bangz

on 2/23/2017 2:41:35 AM Says

Jeremy The Cheater:

The Comment: Jeremy hediin will Harrass teenage girls on Facebook play with their mind and comment stuff like I wanna bang you on my furniture , why didn't you respond to my text today , and more. Clearly a sociopath player.

He not only harrasses little girls , he plays single moms , pregnant ladies and more while being in a relationship with a live in girl , and many others at the same time. He's 30 years old preying on little girls, teens. 16-17. What a disgusting pig. He's always been fucking little girls while being in a relationship. Any man his age that even finds little girls remotely attractive , is seriously a HEAD CASE.

I have guy friends around his age that even consider girls in their early 20's little girls, and they don't find them attractive. It's obvious he's not mature and can be with one woman but he needs to stalk little girls on Facebook. He's obviously seriously derranged. He keeps his friends private on fb so his fuck buddies don't find out about each other. He's lame as they come. I wouldnt be surprised if he molests little girls. He's sure as hell turned on by them. Ladies : don't take this head case seriously. He's very manipulative , charming and not genuinely nice. He doesn't give a fuck about anyone. He's very self centered and uses and abuses everyone. He's a sex addict sleeps with a minimum of 5-10 different girls in one month.

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment Notaplayer82

on 2/23/2017 12:53:09 AM Says

Anthony Conde The Cheater:

The Comment: I've lived on this island almost all my life, Galveston. Anthony is from here as well. He knows my family, etc. without going into a ton of crap- he has been dating a girl for a few years that he would always deny. He would hook up with me behind her back and would swear they were over, told me he was waiting for her to pack her things up to leave, then all the sudden called me a hook-up when he never once told me that I was. Anthony can't be alone and will always cheat. He likes snap chat and prefers to send his pics to you that way, don't fall for it. Yea, I should have known better but he is a sweet talker. I finally got the nerve to say boy bye, to him and his crazy gf. Once he tried to work it out with her and started calling me again to go out of town, I knew it was done. He used me and others deserve to know he cares about getting laid and doesn't care who he hurts in the process.

The State: TX

The Area Code: 409

Comment annejyb@hotmail.com

on 2/23/2017 12:42:05 AM Says

Xavier Pagan The Cheater:

The Comment: Don't date him, don't smile at him, you let him into your life and it's an invitation for trouble, heartbreak, and betrayal in all sense of the word! A woman to bag is not enough for this sonofabitch! Incest was also involved too. With that in mind, you've been warned.

The State: PA

The Area Code: 570

Comment pennsylvaniadream

on 2/22/2017 11:14:25 PM Says

Darren Ambler The Cheater:

The Comment: Girls.

Wonderful meeting tonight. Lt. Riley is super. He actually received a promotion to the Sheriff's office which he will probably accept. Lt. Riley is a guy and he said as man he has no respect at all for people like Darren Ambler. He went on to say that if he ever found out his son who is 23 was sleeping with a 60 year old women like Darren did- that he would put him out of the house and force him to get psychiatric treatment.

Even guys think that is a disgusting act. Everyone seems to think so except Darren Ambler. He also said people like Darren are sick . They know they are limited to women they can get so they will sleep with whomever shows an interest. I guess my theory applies- "Beggers Can't be Choosers". Good night see you gals next week.

The State: NJ

The Area Code: 215

Comment pennsylvaniadream

on 2/22/2017 3:10:01 PM Says

Darren  Ambler The Cheater:

The Comment: Hi Ladies.

It is Wednesday once again. I wanted to give a very special thanks to all the girls who have participated with this great cause! We have increased awareness! Which is what we wanted. Ladies- I will say it again- I checked with my lawyer and law enforcement mainly Sergent Riley. We have every right to voice our feelings and experiences as long as its true. Therefore, Darren Ambler and all the guys like him too bad!

I am sure Darren thinks we are wrong because we are exposing the crumb for what he is. Again- my answer to Darren Ambler and all guys like him is - If you play around - lie- use people and hurt then - You will pay the "Consequence"! Sorry Darren Consequences go with Life!

I guess I don't understand why a guy would want to be labeled as a Player or Playboy? People do not respect someone like that. Once you get a reputation then you will live with that label the rest of your life. I realize people like Darren Ambler are sick in the head. The literature from Sergent Riley says that anyone who is registered on more than 3 dating web sites is probably a sex addict- predator.

Also- anyone who has had 2 or more sex partners within 3 months is also probably a sex addict unless you are a hooker. The sad part about all this is that Darren brought this on himself. I will never keep silent about this.

Even Officer Riley cringed when he learned about Darren's sick sexual affair with that 60+ year poor stupid desperate old bag. Officer Riley said that any man 39 years old who would engage in dirty sex with a women in her 60's is sick- vulgar and very desperate. He said it's almost like having intercourse with your Mother.

No wonder Darren has a "Mommy" complex. Officer Riley said that people like Darren don't get better but only worse. That he lives in his own isolated and very sick world. He also said that people like Darren after a while don't care who knows about him. Which proves he is a sicko. because most normal people value their life and reputation. I guess crazy people are different.

Ok Girls- see you tonight. Is someone bringing cocktail weenies? Ha ha! Love you guys.

The State: NJ

The Area Code: 215

Comment Ali7838

on 2/22/2017 7:41:10 AM Says

Scott smith The Cheater:

The Comment: Scott Melvin Smith from elkhart ind. Is a big cheat i,found a woman in our bed one night from returning early ..I took,him back and now I'm 5 months pregnant he is not only a cheat he, is a beater as well he punched my ribs while carrying our baby girl ..he then proceeded to push me,on the stairs while running,from him so . he sleeps a Lot and farts a Lot he's a,pos

The State: IN

The Area Code: 46514

Comment maine489

on 2/21/2017 4:52:55 PM Says

Darrynetta Jones The Cheater:

The Comment: I have nun

The State: WI

The Area Code: 53233

Comment pennsylvaniadream

on 2/20/2017 5:08:05 PM Says

Darren Ambler The Cheater:

The Comment: Hi ladies...Dont forget Wed at 8 pm. A message to Darren Ambler...Honey Pie- Please come Wednesday evening. Sergent Riley wants to ask you a few questions pertaining to your career of sexual encounters with women in their 60's and 70's.

I think Sergent wants to see first hand wht kind of sick pervert you really are/ Having intercourse with 65 year old women. Most of the ladies think you are Ugly-Disgusting- Vulgar and Perverted. They want to know if you have ever had any Moral Foundation or General knowledge between right and wrong. Also- they want to know if you plan on any Plastic Surgery to improve that hopeless face?

Please agree to come on Wednesday- We will make it worth your while. Maybe we can try to get you a 85 year old from the nursing home. Would you like that? Well you prefer old women to sleep with- I am only making a suggestion.....Thank you.

The State: NJ

The Area Code: 215

Comment Asshat74

on 2/20/2017 3:24:52 AM Says

Eric kusky The Cheater:

The Comment: After 2 years and being a grandpa, Mr Kusky is still at it. He is the biggest lier I have ever met. He gets in relationships and when he's bored with it he finds someone else and plays head games. Then goes back to a women who is exactly like him and in my opinion both of them deserve each other. Liers and Chester's so love drama should stick together the way them to do.

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment pennsylvaniadream

on 2/19/2017 10:24:53 PM Says

Darren Ambler The Cheater:

The Comment: Girls.

Officer Riley will be a guest speaker this Wednesday February 22 nd. Officer Riley I think you guys remember him from the October meeting.

He is the one that basically said Darren is a "Sick Stalker". But he said stalkers don't think they are stalkers. That they justify their insane demented actions.

If you remember he said that one resaon Darren Ambler goes after older women is because they are more desperate and will likely accept the Pervert for what he is "NOTHING"!

Officer Riley said that regarding the sexual affair dorko had with his 65 year old Grannie: He said she was probably just as desperate as Darren..Probably did not have a man for years and was willing to take whatever she could get. Or else she may have been a former hooker or topless dancer...That is Darren's class of person...Rather "No class" of person!

I love this! Again- Darren did this to himself the night he first forced me into bed with his disgusting self! He manipulates and controls women through sex and by taking them hostage. Darren Ambler is pathetic in more ways than one....see you gals Wednesday. Chow!

The State: NJ

The Area Code: 215

Comment Sher

on 2/19/2017 6:59:31 PM Says

Robert Holley The Cheater:

The Comment:

The State: OH

The Area Code: 45230

Comment melissa ridge

on 2/19/2017 1:59:59 PM Says

bryan drexel The Cheater:

The Comment: Has cheated on me several times

The State: NE

The Area Code: 402

Comment Buttercup19

on 2/19/2017 9:46:44 AM Says

Eric Dein The Cheater:

The Comment: Not worth your energy, I agree that he is already dead inside, I also like what Eric dein posted on 12/5/2016, "It is sometimes easy to overlook the actual wrongdoing of the victim of your curse, when one considers how "unhappy" a person he really is. It is not so easy, though, to retrace the damaging footsteps of your antagonist and make right those practical situations he or she has made wrong."

Eric's behavior has caused severe damage to many women's tranquility and/or contributed to anxiety, depression..as well as physical health, because he doesn't use a condom when he fucks one in the ass and another he gives somewhere else or wants you to give him head. He is passing around his diseases and he doesn't care about the women he fucks. Yes, He isn't worth your energy, if you haven't been in a relationship with him yet, but if he has lied to you, He caused the negative energy and that energy needs to go somewhere direct it back at him. See him dead that nothing like him ever come into your life again because you killed it in your mind and didn't ignore it or swallow the grief and misery and pain into yourself. I am telling you, it makes you feel better.

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment noneyour

on 2/19/2017 2:37:37 AM Says

Chance w thompson The Cheater:

The Comment: this man is taken by faith brown if you try n take him dont he is mine im marrying him in june

The State: NC

The Area Code:

Comment pennsylvaniadream

on 2/18/2017 11:05:25 PM Says

Darren Ambler The Cheater:

The Comment: Hi My Most Favorite Ladies Group.

Thank you again for all your support on Wednesday evenings! We have made progress for sure! In reality- we will never get that "Coward"- "Womanizer" Darren Ambler to ever make an appearance. I don't blame him.

He would probably need a security escort- I think all would agree the Ladies are extremely angry at this creep and all the men out there like Darren Ambler.

i wanted to share a url with you girls..when you have the opportunity- please take a look at


Without a doubt the word is out there. It should be out there. Why should we remain silent and permit Darren Ambler and those like him to continue to get away with this sick- abusive and immoral behavior. Men like this endanger our lives in many ways.

1). For one you never know if they will one day go bezerk. They are emotionally unbalanced to begin with. The could freak out some night and go crazy!

2). Also- These jerks are running the risk of spreading STD's. How the hell do these jerks know who they are sleeping with. I can tell you that Darren Ambler would believe anything a woman told him. How does Darren or any guy know who these questionable charechters have slept with?? I am sure they lie all the time just like Darren Ambler lies all the time!

Usually a sex addict doesn't care about who his sex partners have been with/ I know Darren doesn't think that far. Darren only focuses on immediate pleasure and the here and now. He never once seemed too concerned about birth control or STD protection when we were together- which is very scary to say the least!

Darren should be concerned with contraception..My God! can you imagine getting a woman pregnant and the poor baby looked like "Double Life Darren"! Poor Child!

But I forgot it seems after me- Darren only screws women 65 and older- so i guess pregnancy is not a worry. Thank Goodness- the thought of an innocent baby having to go through life looking like Darren Ambler..../ I would committ suicide if I looked like Darren:

Darren is selfish and arrogant but very naive and spaced out most of the time. Like- he is in his own protected and crazy world. What a way to live!

Girls- always remember in the end "good will always overcome evil. I believe Darren Ambler is an evil monster with no feelings or emotions. All he thinks about is his own Gratification and covering up his immoral behavior. Darren probably doesn't even realize it- but he is basically paying the price for his past indiscretions and selfish immoral behavior. We must all pay for our wrongs in the end.

Darren can live in denial and lie all he wants. It does not change the fact that he is a man with no morality- class - ediquette or social graces. Even people with no ediquette or morality will still pay a hefty price for their wrongful actions..Even Darren will pay for what he did....He can't avoid it!

I know Darren has children. I don't know much about them because he never spoke about them too much. Because when we were together there was no time for small talk. It was clothes off and se xsex sex. Which should have been my clue he was a sexual addict.

My point being- one day Darren's past actions will hurt his children. Ultimately the children will some how find out about what a dirty immoral playboy their daddy was. It will hurt the children very much- it may also confuse them?

It could possibly strain the relationship they have with Darren. Once the children realize that their Daddy is a Playboy with no morality and that their daddy needs serious mental help- those children may not wish to have anything to do with their "bad boy Daddy" ever again. If that happens- I am sure Darren will blame that on someone else- never himself!

Oh well- see you gals Wednesday 8:00 PM- Snacks will be served. Love you guys! Thank you again!

The State: NJ

The Area Code: 215

Comment Dontcare76

on 2/18/2017 10:27:50 PM Says

Earl Watson III The Cheater:

The Comment: He will tell you he loves you and c as not see his life without you. He will meet your family and kids and make it like he is the best man for you. To accomplish his sick goal, he will even pretend that he will marry you. He will even take a loss by paying the deposits to keep up with his sick lies. He is married and likes to meet his women online. He gives out diseases with no regard. Yep a true officer. Earl is a true definition of a womanizer. Be aware.

Men who are emotionally unavailable, due to patterns of dysfunctional love.

Unpredictable, dishonest, high ego, charming, full of charisma, completely irresistible, extremely seductive.

They hold your attention like nobody else, all out of an unconscious desire to prove constantly that they are real men by the number of conquests they can make, they actually need permanent external validation from different women, so they dont sense love with them, as they banalized them as objects to get attention or sex.

They get terrified of a woman getting too close to him.

Theres 2 ways of womanizers: cheaters or players.

6 Sure Signs You’re with a womanizer:

1) He rarely includes you in activities with his friends.

2) He only calls or comes by when he wants sex, or something he needs, and leaves mostly right afterward.

3) When you see him, it’s always during the week, or when it’s convenient for him, seldom is you who choose.

4) He won’t call you much after all, or replay your emotional text messages.

5) When you want to discuss his behavior, he will seduced you again and convince you its all about you, in your head, not him.

6) at the beginning he can be proud to show you his home, later on, You would rarely spend the night at his place. He can find many excuses to don't do that.

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment RavenzWeitin

on 2/18/2017 10:00:33 PM Says

Ken Zimmerman The Cheater:

The Comment: Flippant Joan going to be in jail

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment AshtrayHrt

on 2/18/2017 4:46:52 PM Says

Louis Miguel Bazan The Cheater:

The Comment: If you come across this man, run!

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment Cowboys

on 2/18/2017 5:16:23 AM Says

Ruben Arreola The Cheater:

The Comment:

The State: TX

The Area Code: 78541

Comment justthefacts

on 2/17/2017 2:32:35 PM Says

ana smith The Cheater:

The Comment: Married 7 times and still a homewrecking whore. Broke up my best friends marriage of almost 20 years just to see if she could. Completely ruined an entire family. Don't matter to her if you are male or female. People watch your back, if this bitch decides she wants your partner whe will do anything to get them including trying to become your friend.

The State: TN

The Area Code:

Comment One2dgood

on 2/16/2017 5:20:58 PM Says

Scottie Degannes The Cheater:

The Comment: Lol, your said. Where is your proof, just move on. Someone will love you. Someday.

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment Kalbo

on 2/16/2017 11:30:11 AM Says

Guadalupe Rodriguez Valdez The Cheater:

The Comment: Scumbag had an affair with my wife for two years. Started off on fb, then moved to Viber. About six months later he came down to meet her. Nine months later he came back for more. Always asking for dirty pictures. He got caught and being in the military charged with adultery, sending lewd and disgusting pictures. He also likes video chat to masterbate. Retired from military and moved to texas. Scumbag.

The State: TX

The Area Code: 210

Comment Neillies

on 2/16/2017 2:19:04 AM Says

Scott Triplett The Cheater:

The Comment: I'm so sad to read all of this. I was hoping Neil had turned his life around. He's been running his womanizing, sex addict, compulsive liar song and dance since at least 2000 when he was 23. He preys on women and he's a psychopath. Don't be fooled. He's dark and dangerous if he feels threatened. Hide your money, your daughters, and everything else you value. You can't change him or fix him or help him. Did I mention he is a sex addict and a psychopath? Run for your life!

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment pennsylvaniadream

on 2/15/2017 7:04:24 PM Says

Darren Ambler The Cheater:

The Comment: Girls.

Just a reminder our meeting begins at 8;30 tonight. Not the usual 8:00 PM:... We are making excellent progress. For what it is worth I will extend a last minute invite to Our Beloved "Darren Ambler" once again. Darren dear ignoring your past and your dreadful mistakes will not make them go away. You must confront your fears!


We all want to hear about how you abused and used other helpless females for sex besides myself. Only you can tell the story. If you ever did show up and tell your story expect some rotten eggs thrown at your hidious face whne you are done.


More interesting we all want to hear about your sexual relationship with the 65 year old vulnerable woman. The women that is probably your Mothers age! Yes Dear..we all think it is gross- perverted and vulgar on your part. Performing filthy sex acts on an old women is sick sick sick. I don't care how desperate you are!


Screwing a senior citizen- you are disgusting- vulgar and deranged in the head! Please come tonight....If you are working- you know how to get here from Rt 130.....Please Dear I promise w eill try to fix you up with an 85 year old from a nursing home- I am sure that is about your speed! /


Ladies- we know the freak wont show. Ok i will see you guys by 8:30...

The State: NJ

The Area Code: 215

Comment Jmounts

on 2/15/2017 11:51:05 AM Says

Jessica Mounts The Cheater:

The Comment: My husband Brian Daniel Mounts is the cheater not me . I was so upset and put my name. Just beware he isnt what you think he is . I can tell you his is such a lair and cheat and betrayal .

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment Jmounts

on 2/15/2017 11:35:11 AM Says

Brian D Mounts The Cheater:

The Comment: Tuscaloosa Al.& Houston Texas

The State: AL

The Area Code: 205 832

Comment Jmounts

on 2/15/2017 11:29:32 AM Says

Jessica Mounts The Cheater:

The Comment: Married for 9 yrs been together 13 yrs

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment Marcyagf

on 2/15/2017 6:04:31 AM Says

Adolfo Gonzalez The Cheater:

The Comment: I just want to know what he up to

The State: AZ

The Area Code: 602

Comment Tiny21

on 2/15/2017 2:00:28 AM Says

Luis J Sanchez The Cheater:

The Comment: Plays with your feelings and talks shit about you every day

Drunk and cheats

Has sex with other girls

Through away a 6 year and 2months relationship because he wanted to act single

The State: IL

The Area Code: 60629

Comment Joan

on 2/13/2017 11:13:43 PM Says

Ken Zimmerman The Cheater:


The State: NV

The Area Code: 517

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