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Is he cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Danny Sdingh The Fake Indian Doctor Dude Sdingh001

Comment Stonedbae

reported it on 7/19/2019 5:09:07 PM


The Cheater: Danny Sdingh the fake Indian doctor dude sdingh001 Danny Sdingh the fake Indian doctor dude sdingh001

The Comment: I really wished you weren’t such a jerk mr danny sdingh. this post is for all the girls that go and meet this man online. I met with this man for an arrangement. He picked me up and said I look beautiful. We drove around a little then parked somewhere to find and book a hotel. So we’re in the parking lot of Denny’s and he says let’s go get some food. I said lol no, I look too good to be in Denny’s ( I was dressed very sexy), he then persuades me to get out the car. Holds my purse and we start walking to the restaurant. HE THEN SAYS I forgot my wallet, runs back to the car and drives tf off. I felt so embarrassed because everyone watched me get stood up. If you didn’t like something about me, you should’ve said “hey, I’m actually no longer interested “ that would’ve hurt a lot less. But it’s ok. The fact that you wanted fuck raw while having hiv is now available for anyone to see also. So to anyone that comes in contact with this scum, PROTECT YOURSELF SIS!!

The State: CA

The Area Code: