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Is he cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Darren Ambler

Comment westbury40

reported it on 5/20/2019 11:49:24 AM


The Cheater: Darren  Ambler Darren Ambler

The Comment: Darren Ambler.....aka...Darren Scott Ambler.....aka.."Bang-Bang Ambler", "wee-wee Ambler". Darren Ambler is a Sociopath, Vulgar Sex Addict who made a career out of Abusing women, Lying, Stalking Females on line for Sex and other Vulgar Sexual acts. He is a menace to society and refuses to take any responsibility for his filthy and immoral actions. Darren conveniently blames every one else but himself for his "Immoral"- "Inapporpriate"- Sadistic and Evil behaviors". Mr. Darren Ambler has made a complete fool of himself and he is a very hated person. Darren willingly began a life of 'free sex'- 'multiple sexual partners'-Compulsive & Pathological Lying'- Sick degrading pronographic acts-Abusing women physically and mentally and a variety of other evil and indispicable acts. Darren Ambler does not have a truthful or respectable bone in his gross unattractive rancid body.

Darren Ambler is a Scum Bag "PIG" with no moral fiber- ediquette-manners-sense of reason-any conception of right vs wrong- He is exceptionally Selfish and cares about no one but his "Ugly" and smelly Self. He has a terrible inferiority complex and tried to prove his manhood through exploiting sex and abusing women. Darren Ambler could "NEVER" prove his manhood no matter what he did. Darren is a Total "Enbarrassment" and "Complete Failure" in the bedroom. His body is grossly unattractive- his face is frightening- he has a very tiny and compact "Ding-Dong" and we can not forget that "Horrible Garbage Breath". Darren has no persoanlity and ZERO appeal. He is a true Loner and he has "Brain" damage from years of Drug abuse.

Darren has nothing but convoluted thoughts and makes irrational decisions. He is absolutely incompetent and he lives in his own world of Fantasy and Denial. Darren is a heavy duty Internet user. Many anti-social- mentally deranged people abuse the Internet. Aside from being a serious Sexual Predator- Darren is also an Internet predator. He used the internet excessively to access Dating web-sites/ sex sites and sex chat rooms. Darren Ambler is immoral and has committed serious sin by way of his Fornication- Adultery- Free sex- Sins of the flesh and total disregard for God's Law.

"A Very special place has been reserved in "HELL" for Darren Ambler right next to "Lucifer"! Actually- Religious organizations have published articles on line since December 2018 concerning Darren Ambler. These articles compare Darren Ambler to "Lucifer". The Satan Post is one of these such articles. Darren is so immoral-corrupt and has no respect for God's Law that he is surely on the road to Eternal Fire. Darren's 'Boney Ass" will be red raw from the heat and flames in HELL.

Darren Ambler resides at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He is a Registered Pharmacist and his last known employer was Express Scripts located in Florence Township, New Jersey. Darren Ambler would give any company a "bad name". Why would a reputable company employ a Prostitute- Liar- Drug abuser who does not know the meaning of ethics or responsible behavior. Use "Extreme" caution if you come in contact with this out of control sex addict and Predator. Better yet- avoid any and all contact with this 'Evil"- 'Narcissistic'- 'Sexual Deviant'. Darren will 'Screw' anything that moves or breathes. Darren Ambler has screwed "Prostitutes"- "One night stands'- " Lonely vulnerable women'-married women'-'divorced women'- Senior citizens and probably teenage girls (under the age of consent):

Darren Ambler was a 'dork' all of his life and more than likely had few dates and it is doubtful any female found him attractice let alone show any interest in this Troubled-Perverted mental case. One trait that stands out with Mr. Ambler is his 'Extreme Selfishness'- 'His need to exercize control'- 'His obsessive controlling behavior' and his unusually severe and serious SEXUAL Addiction - Drug Addiction and addiction to all Pornography and Pornographic acts. The majority of Sociopaths have Sex and drug addiction problems: many abuse alcohol also.

This low-life sex and drug addict stalked numerous females on line for sex and other vulgar filthy sex addicts. Mr. Ambler knows nothing about respectability of a "real" relationship. He has a vulgar vocabulary and all he cares about is Sex - Oral Sex-Drugs and Pornography. After a series of "one night stands" "Prostitutes" and other lonely vulnerable females, Darren hooked up with Megan Bentzley (Dominitrix). Megan Bentzley (Watermute) is a disturbed and mentally ill women who abuses drugs and has lengthy POLICE record. Darren and Ms Bentzley had an intensive filthy affair which consisted of unthinkable vulgar sex acts, drugs and abuse. One evening after Miss Bentzley laughed at Darren Ambler's tiny Ding Ding- Darren became angry- irate and went crazy. Darren was high on Cocaine and Herion this particular night. Darren began beating poor Megan and calling the poor girl filthy names. Frightened Megan escaped to the streets of West Philadelphia screaming for help. Of course-the Ugly- Wimp- Coward Darren Ambler fled the scene before help arrived. A report was apparently filed with Pennsylvania Police about this incident. Darren is a coward and bully. He is a big man behind a Computer screen because he is scared to face people. Plus- He is a big man when he is beating women and calling them filthy names.

Darren has used the services of not only hookers but these "allegded" Mistresses like Tissa. Darren enjoys the immorality and degregation these sex acts bring. Darren Ambler has made SEX cheap- dirty and vulgar. Just like Himself- Cheap- Dirty- Vulgar and of course UGLY. Darren needs a Ding dong transplant and major Facial Reconstruction surgery.

Megan Bentzley ran a "Hook Up"- "Prostitution" Organization in Philadelphia, PA. Darren immediately was fastinated with having sex with an well seasoned Professional that taught him many filthy sex acts. Darren Ambler learned and participated in Bondage, Vulgar Oral Sex, Threesomes, Anal sex and sex with men and women. Darren is a sick and obsessed Sociopath. Darren Ambler even participated in disgusting sexual acts on Video. Plenty of "Excellent" proof exists. These Videos are now in the custody of one of the attorneys retained to represent Darren Ambler's Infected sexual partners. Darren Ambler has no shame- exposing that gross nude body and no Ding dong on film for the entire courtroom to view when the trial is scheduled. Between Darren's face and his lack of body I think many court room observers will end up getting sick to their tummy's. That Stinky breath is Highly Toxic- Flammable and can cause serious illness to others. Darren needs to purchase a Gas mask:

Darren Ambler also serviced many of Megan Bentzley's clients for sex. In addition to prostitutes, Darren Ambler also had short term relationships with other females he met on dating and sex sites. Darren screwed married women, single women, senior citizens and anyone dumb enough to have sex with a homely face frog with no wee wee or sex appeal. Darren Ambler even seduced a 67 year old female into sex and oral sex. That is gross, Darren is 40 years old why is he screwing an old lady. Desperation and Sex addiction is why. Darren Ambler is a disgusting slime and would hurt and use anyone.

Angela Parsons, Megan Watermute (aka Bentzley) , Aliana, Natalie Becerra, Mindy Murray and numerous others despise Darren Ambler and all he stands for: Eleven (11) females have come forward and are determined to seek justice against an Abusive- Sex Addict- Con Artist who has no personality - a bean pole body and a face that would stop traffic on any major Highway. Also- Darren Ambler's breath is lethal. Mr. Ambler thinks he can do whatever he pleases, abuse females, lie, force sex upon frightened women and demand Oral Sex when he feels the need. George Parsons could "flatten" Darren Ambler in an instant. Darren Ambler has burned many bridges- caused much pain and misery for people and most people have very hateful feelings toward this evil sexual deviant with an eternal hard on and no ding dong.

Darren Ambler also used drugs and encouraged drug usage among his sexual partners. His brain is deranged and fried to a crisp with drugs. Darren is evil - ugly and corrupt inside and out. Some feel God has punished Darren Ambler with that breath and his Internal organs slowly rotting away. The Internal organs are rotting away each day probably due to Sexual Infections traveling throughout Darren's disgusting body and all the evil and sin Darren has committed over the past few years. These toxins escpe evry time Darren opens his filthy infected mouth. These gaseous toxins may be damaging the ozone thus causing new environmental problems.

Darren Ambler has blasted Megan Bentzley - Mindy Murray, Angela and even her husband George on line numerous times. However- the good news is Darren Ambler has been blasted and Exposed on line numerous times over a 3 year period. The word is out about Darren Ambler. George Parsons refers to Darren Ambler as an piece of garbage filth that commits Adultery and rapes helpless women. Darren Ambler has been warned to stay away from Brick Township-New Jersey unless he wants to end up in JAIL. Darren Ambler is an immature idiot with no common sense. Darren at times acts like an 10 year old little girl with his tantrums and childish threats.