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Is she cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Darren Ambler

Comment treasurer13

reported it on 11/6/2018 7:15:49 PM


The Cheater: Darren Ambler Darren Ambler

The Comment: Hello All.......................

I love my new position as Treasurer of the weekly meeting. We have made great progress over the two years we have established ourselves. We have guest speakers every other week. Usually, we enlist Policeman, Victim Rights Activists, Directors of Abuse Hotline's and Shelters and others to speak to the ladies.

We do not descriminate- we do welcome men if they wish to attend. We have invited Darren Ambler for over two (2) years now and he refuses to accept our invite. We want nothing more than for Mr. Darren to show up and face his accusers. If he did nothing wrong or inappropriate then why won't he attend?

But we did caution Darren Ambler early on. This is an meeting for women who have been abused- seduced- lied to- used and even physically harmed by mainly men who have addiction problems and problems relating on a social level.

This is not a pick up joint. We will not tolerate invited guests to come on to- seduce- proposition - fondle or talk dirty to any of the ladies in attendance.

Maybe Darren Ambler feels there would be too much temptation. We did have on two occasions in 2017 a women who was 74 years old who attended four of our meetings. We are aware Darren Ambler is also attracted to seniors.

If he decided to ever show up here we would have to warn him in advance that we will not tolerate him trying to seduce this senior citizen into filthy sexual acts like he did before. That is a no no here...................

Finally- we have a no DRUG POLICY. We have a strict no drug policy. Darren Ambler can not under any circumstances bring drugs on the premises. He is welcome to attend our meetings but must follow our policies. Thank you:

*Every few days we feature what we feel are the most informational web sites pertaining to our cause (we do an Google and Hot Bot search and choose from the best results):

*Keep in mind- many of these web-sites require that you submit 2 forms of some proof that the incidents discussed took place. They don't publish just anything:

Please keep in mind- We are simply exercizing our right to "Free Speech" by publishing true and accurate facts about how we were solicited, seduced, abused, toyed with, fondled, mishandled by a deranged ape face. It is all factual.

Also- We have the right to warn others/ we can end up saving lives and preventing potential victims from being emotionally and physically abused. As well as helping innocent victims to avoid being targeted by a frustrated over-sexed monkey face. Just because we have chose to communicate with Megan Bentzley for informational purposes. It does not mean we condone what she does or what her business represented. Megan is probably as ill and drug addicted as Darren Ambler if that is possible.

Legally- The Communication Decency Act CDA-230 is still in effect: This permits a person to express incidents and/or experiences publicly as long as the material is true and accurate to the best of their reconciliation. / This act does prohibit the transmission of pornographic materials over the Internet:

*Basically this act protects our right to tell the truth / much to the disgust of those who commit disrespectful- sexually degrading acts in public or private:







The State: NJ

The Area Code: 215