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Is he a cheater?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Darren Ambler

Comment pennsylvaniadreamer

reported it on 11/14/2018 2:07:19 PM


The Cheater: Darren Ambler Darren Ambler

The Comment: Please accept my deepest apologies. Our Treasurer forget to post this entree in the previous report. It will never happen again. She is new to the organization and she made a simple mistake.

Darren Ambler posted this on Playerblock. This will be used against him and presented to the Judge in court. Darren I remember always used the word "Player" as opposed to male whore which is what it really means.

*It is amazing Darren Ambler has the nerve to call Megan Bentzley a "Whore" on this forum as the four eyed "Monkey Face" has done on other sites also. What is amazing is- IF Megan is a "No Good Whore"- well Darren Ambler pursued her and screwed her and performed oral sex and sick bondage games on her for many months.

If Megan Bentzley is a "Whore" then so is Darren Ambler. He is not a refined gentleman and never was He is an evil- male prostitute with a very dangerous Sex and Drug addiction: Again- the Judge won't like these bad names he is calling women over the Internet. Take one to know one.

Whores belong with Whores and they seek them out. Darren is a male whore who seeks out other whores and lonely women so he can seduce them into sex. Most of these poor unfortunate women said they do not look at his face or they would have to be rushed to the Emergency Hospital for Treatment.

One lady that Darren began screwing early in his life of prostitution and one night stands claimed after Darren forced her into sex back in 2016 that she was rushed to the Emergency medical facility and was suffering from a massive overdose of ugly and she was intoxicated from vile garbage breath breathing all over her. She recovered but barely. They pumped her stomach and gave her oxygen. They said they never remember seeing an overdose this massive or serious.

She had to give a complete description of Darren Ambler's face to hospital staff. They instructed her to never look at a face like that for more than 30 seconds. It can produce toxicity and death. I did hear this doctor was a real Hunk or totally "Hot"! something poor Darren Ambler will never experience in his whole wasted life. he is probably terribly jealous of any man that is reasonable good looking with good reason he should be.

Four eyes has a very vulgar vocabulary. I hope we don't end up with a female Judge or Frog Face with the underdeveloped 130 pound body will really be cooked. Aside from posing a danger to children with his whore lifestyle- his language is dispicable. Inappropriate for children for sure: The attorney will make sure the Judge looks into that also.

*They already know "Stinky Breath" with the sex addiction disguises his IP location and uses fake e-mail accounts when he registers to post his vulgar messages. That does not matter. They can still obtain his real IP location weather he posts from his phone or his home computer. So- keep posting baby!!

They already know your real IP location and Internet provider is Verizon FIOS NJ: Not the fake one that shows up with your registration information: Please do not stop now- the more evidence the better. Thank you Darling- we all love you for what you are- no matter how evil- cruel- two faced and ugly you are.......................sometimes we must overlook those Handicaps. Wait until the Judge reads some of this messges. He or she will be convinced you are a filthy sex predator with a vulgar vocabulary and demented brain.

I found this photo in my files. Forgot all about it. Very scary that Frog face has kids. I remember i found this somewhere on the Internet right after the first time Darren seduced me and forced me to sleep with him. Then the filthy things he did to me afterward: I was so violated. Violated by a PIG.

I knew he was a pron and sex addict simply because of the vulgar- degrading things he did to my body after sex. He wouldn't stop his forceful attack on me. His tongue was stinky like garbage and he took his filthy fingers and practically raped me. His fingers stink too.

Frog face also called me filthy names he said the filth excited him more. I was afraid if i fell on top of him I would crush his 130 pound undernourished skelatel body frame. He would force me to talk dirty if i did not comply he would abuse me.

I should have called POLICE back then.



reported it on 10/31/2018 10:58:38 AMReply

The Cheater: Megan Christine Bentzley Megan Christine Bentzley

The Comment: Haha you idiot, I'm not your "Darren Ambler". I'm a internet troll trying to browse this website for my own amusement and you've been spamming the same shit on PlayerBlock for two years about the same person. You're making this site unreadable for other users, nobody else cares about the 70 posts you've made about this guy. The fact that you think that I'm automatically him is part of your problem, along with your schizophrenic typing style. You're obsessed with a man I don't even know and posting shit about him EVERY TWO DAYS ON HERE SINCE 2016. Other users want to read about OTHER people.

By the way, by being a "domme", you're automatically a player whore and deserve your name on here.

The State: PA

The Area Code: 215

The State: NJ

The Area Code: 215