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Is he a cheater?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Darren Ambler

Comment toxicfume43078

reported it on 12/15/2018 3:19:34 PM


The Cheater: Darren Ambler Darren Ambler

The Comment: Darren Ambler....known as other alias such as "Bang-Bang"- "Psycho-Darren"- "Porno-King" or just plain "IDIOT"!

There are always new web-sites popping up every so often which is excellent news for people such as ourselves. Even if one web-site goes out of business there always seems to be another taking its place. That means we can continue to "EXPOSE" the sick sex and drug addicts that degraded- abused and stole our dignity and sense of self.

Darren Ambler is Pitiful and everyone knows it. He is far from "NORMAL". Probably never has a so called "NORMAL" day in his entire life. People like Darren are Predators- easte of time Idiots with no real purpose except to feed off the host and suck it dry. Meaning use people until he gets what he wants then discard them like the "GARBAGE" that Darren Ambler is. Talk about an "Unrefined" Piece of Garbage. Those words are too good for Darren Ambler: Myself and three others (former sexual partners of Homely-Creep Ambler)- decided we would list and make known all of Darren Ambler's Traits. Of course all Gross and Negative just like him:

1). UGLY- Bugged out - poppy eyes/deep set.

2). ZERO Personality.

3). Zero Sex appeal or appeal of any kind.

4). A Compulsive and Pathological LIAR.

5). An Abusive Predator & Rapist.

6). A Con Artist- Master MANIPULATOR!!

7). NO CONSCIENCE- Feelings- Compassion or Care.

8). Zero Emotions or Emotional Control.

9). A Highly Addicted Sex Addict- Porn Addict.

10). A Male Prostitute (possibly certified):

11). An Immoral PIG and SCUM.

12). Seriously Mentally deranged- Impaired.

13) . Has ZERO Common Sense or sense of Reason.

14). Severely Brain Damaged.

15). Has OCD.

16). An underdeveloped/undernourished Body (GROSS):

17). Round shouldered/ sunken in chest/ Bony neck.

18). Of course- NO wee wee (Doctor forgot to attach at Birth)

19). Horrible in Bed.

20). Insecure- no self- worth.

21). Socially inept.

22). Diseased mind and Body.

23). Sexual Infections due to multiple partners and careless sex.

24). Lives in Total Denial and Fantasy.

25). CHEAP.

26). Shabby Dresser.

27). Craves approval and acceptance.

28) Clueless about life and other people.

29). Biggest Fool that ever lived.


31). Would screw anything that said yes (man or women):

32). Would back-stab anyone in a heartbeat.

33). Total Narcissist- Sociopath:

34). Would lie to GOD if necessary (if he even believes in GOD):

35). About to serve Long overdue JAIL time (after trail):

36) . Will face his accusers and former Lovers:

* I ask you - Darren Ambler has not one attractive or appealing trait. He is no catch for anyone looking for a Handsome- Stable minded man with common sense- ambition- a clear head- nice body-Moral fiber and Good manners (Darren is none of those things and never will be): Perfect Match for Prostitutes like HIMSELF and Desperate women who will take anything. "Grannie always said "BEGGERS can't be CHOOSERS"- which fits Darren Ambler to a "T"!

*We can NEVER forget that Horrible Rancid- Toxic- Gaseous Breath with fumes that intoxicate and even kill anyone within one mile of Darren or his Gross FUMES oozing from his mouth and Pores!

Stay safe- Stay away from this "Misfit"- "Predator"- If he approach you Scream as loud as possible- Run for the hills- spray some strong MACE in his bugged out eyes. God Bless & Merry Christmas all!!

The State: NJ

The Area Code: 215