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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater


What is PlayerBlock?

PlayerBlock is a website created to assist others in avoiding players, cheaters, liars and abusers. PlayerBlock’s most unique feature is how it identifies players by their phone number or face recognition. Most players use fake names and rely heavily on their phone to  “play the game”.

What is a Player?

A player is a man or woman that engages in one or more relationships with selfish or bad intensions. Players often lead on the other person on to believe they are in a committed relationship with them, while in reality they are not.

Who uses PlayerBlock?

People of all genders, age, race, and sexual orientation use PlayerBlock. Just the same, players consist of all genders, ages, races, and sexual orientations.

How do I use PlayerBlock?

If you have had a bad experience with a cheater or liar, you can use the "report a player" feature by entering their phone number, photo or name and leave a comment about them.

If you have just met someone and want to check on them, simply type their number, name or upload their photo in one of our search pages. The "check a player" feature will give you a list of comments left for the player.

If you are currently dating someone and want to be notified if a new comment is left on their phone number or a matching face, you can add the number or photo to your watch list under the my profile section.

Why should I use PlayerBlock?

PlayerBlock may save you the time and energy from falling victim to a player. At a minimum you may find out some things about your friends that you didn’t know.

If you are out of the dating scene but have some stories to tell about an ex, you may save someone else the time and energy from dealing with them

What can I do if someone posts something about me?

PlayerBlock is a free service provided to the public and is community driven. Users who post messages agree to the Terms of the website. In the event someone has posted something you disagree with, you may send the user a friend request with a private message requesting that they remove the post or contact the independant services below to have it removed.


How much does it cost?

PlayerBlock is completely free. Most of the content is available as an anonymous user, however you must register for free in order to use the following features.

  • Report a Player
  • Create a Watchlist
  • Leave Messages in the Forum
  • Send/Receive Private Messages
  • Have a Profile & Friends List

I love the site, how can I help?

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